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Take Care of Your Precious Metals with These 3 Tips

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Investing in physical gold and other precious metals comes with a lot of perks. Not only do you have a tangible asset at your disposal, but it also continues to appreciate and give you a higher value as time goes by.

However, once you buy coins and bars, you need to know the correct way to handle, clean, and store them.

Preserving coins and bars the right way drives up their value, as investors are willing to buy precious metals in their original condition rather than ones that are scratched or tarnished.

Follow our tips to keep your precious metals in their mint condition.


Make sure you clean your hands thoroughly before you touch your gold bars, rounds, or coins.

Remember that it’s easier to preserve the metals’ look than restoring them to their original condition. The higher your metals’ purity, the more careful you will need to be when handling them.

Lay down a soft cloth or towel to catch the pieces and put on gentle clean, lint-free cotton gloves to prevent your skin’s oils from getting onto the metals.

Avoid latex or plastic gloves as these may be coated with lubricants or powders that can damage the metals.

When handling decorative coins or bars, pick them up by their edges to protect the design and keep them away from moisture.


While your coins and bars may need cleaning, it is best to leave this step to experts trained to handle them.

Cleaning them at home can cause irreversible damage if not done correctly.

If you need to clean the metals at home, use plain soap and water and rinse them thoroughly to prevent soap residue.

Avoid any formulated cleaners or polishes since they may corrode the metal. Pat your metals dry with a soft cloth and store them only after ensuring no moisture is left.


Storing your metals correctly can increase their value. Make sure you choose a cool, dry place free of moisture and heat. Store untarnished metals separately from tarnished ones to prevent contamination.

If you want to display the gold, choose a way that can help preserve it. Pick an airtight container for higher-valued items or a specially designed box made of natural materials.

If you want to keep your coins in an album, place them in one with cardboard folders and slots, and avoid plastic or PVC containers and bags.

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