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The Benefits of Owning Rare Gold Coins

rare gold coins

Owning gold coins is one thing, but owning rare gold coins is even better. Rare gold coins, as the name suggests, are rare to find and hence, are extremely valuable. If you’re looking to add more coins to your coin collection, consider investing in rare gold coins.

Why Are They Called Rare?

Owning rare gold coins offers a plethora of benefits. But before we can move on to discussing the benefits, let’s first understand what makes them so ‘rare?’

Rare gold coins are gold coins that were minted between 1795 (when gold coins were first minted) and 1933 (the last year when gold coins were minted). They’re called rare gold coins because of two reasons.

Hard to Find Them in Circulation: It’s hard to find them in circulation because either they’re lost or are in an absolutely worn-out condition which may not attract coin collectors.

These Coins Were Recalled Thrice: They were first recalled in the 1830s to correct the coins’ content to match their face value. The next recall was during Civil War when gold coins were melted for international trade. The third and last time they were recalled was by President Roosevelt, who passed a law prohibiting citizens from owning any form of gold.

Benefits of Owning Rare Gold Coins

While the benefits of investing in precious metals are many, the benefits associated with gold are the most, even more when we talk about rare gold coins.

1. Excellent Track Record

One of the biggest benefits of owning rare gold coins is their excellent track record. They are valuable and have outperformed gold bullion in the past because of their rarity. Their scarcity makes them all more valuable and desirable for coin collectors and investors.

2. Maintains Financial Privacy

Since rare gold coins are hard to find in circulation, there’s no back trail of purchase. This means you don’t have to document the ownership once you buy a rare gold coin. You can enjoy financial privacy with rare gold coins.

3. Financial Security

Gold is one of the most consistently-performing precious metals. Gold never depreciates in value. Investing in rare gold coins offers financial security to the owner. The money they invest in buying a rare gold coin will never result in loss. The value of a rare gold coin will only go up.

4. Government Won’t Confiscate Rare Gold Coins

The Federal Government can confiscate gold bullion, but the law exempts rare gold coins from being confiscated from private hands. This means that the money invested in rare gold coins will be protected.

5. Historical Significance

Rare gold coins have a historical significance that not even gold coins have. They’re old, have a history associated with them, and their worn-out appearance gives them unique aesthetic appeal, making rate gold coins great collectibles.

Closing Word

If you’ve found a rare gold coin with someone who’s willing to sell, don’t miss the opportunity. Rare gold coins aren’t easily available; when you find them, leap at the opportunity to buy them.

At Orion Metal Exchange, we can help you make the right investment decisions that’ll protect your money and secure your retirement with gold and silver!

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