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The Best Silver Coins to Buy In 2021

Silver bullion bars

Are you a coin collector looking to expand your collection, or perhaps an investor looking to invest in silver? You’ve come to the right place! We have curated a list of best silver coins to buy in 2021 based on their popularity, estimated market value and appeal within the precious metals exchange market.

1. American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins

The American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins were first issued in 1986 and are one of the few special coins minted by the US Mint every year. They are the most popular silver coins sold worldwide and are regarded as an investor’s best choice due to their value composition of 99.9% pure silver, their weight,  and their eligibility for precious metals IRAs.

They are also a collector’s favorite because of their striking appearance and inscriptions. These coins are due to get a new look in the latter half of 2021, which make them even more appealing to collectors and investors.

2. Silver Morgan Dollar Coins

Also amongst the portfolio of US Mint-issued silver coins that feature the Lady Liberty are the Silver Morgan Dollar coins, which were first minted in 1878.

These coins are heavily circulated within collector circles and the American precious metals exchange market due to their remarkable appearance.

One side of the coin features a portrait of the Lady Liberty while the other features an Eagle with feathers. Even though only 90% of the composition of these coins contains silver and the other 10% being copper, these coins remain massively popular among coin collectors and investors alike.

3. Silver Peace Dollar Coins

The Silver Peace Dollar coins were first issued by the US Government in 1921. They also contain inscriptions of Lady Liberty and an Eagle on opposite sides and are often mixed up with the Silver Morgan Dollars.

But their history is what makes them unique, since these coins were first minted to celebrate the peacemaking of the US with Germany after WWI. Both the Silver Morgan Dollars and the Silver Peace Dollar coins are heavy in demand in 2021 due to their upcoming newer renditions.

4. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins

The Royal Mint of Canada has been issuing the Silver Maple Leaf coins every year since 1988. These coins are the second most sought-after silver coins in the precious metals exchange market, after the American Silver Eagle, because they contain the purest chemical composition amongst all silver coins issued by governments across the globe.

These coins are composed of 99.99% fine silver and weigh one ounce. They are also widely regarded as the most secure silver coins to buy because they can easily be tested for authenticity through lasers.

5. Chinese Silver Panda

First issued in 1983, the Chinese Silver Panda coins are very popular among silver coin investors and collectors worldwide. These coins get a lot of their intrigue from constant updates to their look, with the Panda inscriptions on one side of the coin featuring a different rendition each year.

Due to their uniqueness and international appeal, the Chinese Silver Panda coins are among the most highly sought-after silver coins you could buy in 2021.

Where to Buy Silver Coins

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