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The Best Ways to Store Your Precious Metals in 2023

The Best Ways to Store Your Precious Metals in 2023

Due to the worsening economic conditions, there has been a sharp increase in crime rates across the country. This is bad news for investors who work their whole lives to be able to generate savings and buy valuable items, only to see burglars take off with them. 

Some people have even gone so far as to take out their holdings in banks, stocks, and bonds and start to liquidate and buy gold, silver, platinum, or another type of precious metal as they want to mitigate risks and protect the value of their investment. 

If you too are part of a growing number of investors who are doing this, then you need to take measures to keep your precious metals secure. In this blog post, learn about the best ways to store your precious metals.

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In a Robust Safe at Your Home

If you don’t trust the system and don’t want to put the safety of your precious metals at risk, then storing them at your home is perfect. A home safe offers convenience as you have ownership of the physical asset and can touch and see your precious metal investment any time you want. When selecting a safe, you must choose one that is both fireproof and water-resistant.

That’s because climate change is causing storms and tornados that are ravaging entire neighborhoods and destroying homes. The wildfires in California are another example of how mother nature can destroy things. You must buy safes that are thick and robust as they are harder to destroy and are more durable.

Buy a safe that offers greater protection against environmental factors such as humidity or temperature changes as you don’t such weather elements to destroy your precious metals such as gold and silver.

Also, spend some time selecting the location of your safe. Try to keep it as hidden as possible. Get creative on ways to hide it, for instance, by having it behind stairs or a fake wall.

Keep the combination lock to yourself and people you can trust. Consider installing an alarm system and surveillance cameras as well for greater protection.

A person planning for retirement by looking for a precious metals dealer.

In a Safety Deposit Box in a Bank

If you are not comfortable storing them at your home, then consider storing them in safety deposit boxes at your bank. There you can rent the box on an annual basis. Compare the fees of banks to pick one that offers the best deal. Banks also have greater surveillance cameras which help beef up the security of your valuables. Furthermore, by storing it in a safety deposit box, you can keep it away from prying eyes. Also, consider a bank that is known for being safe. Try to have one near your home you don’t have to worry about traveling to a far-off location.

A person planning for retirement by looking for a precious metals dealer.

Third-Party Commercial Depository

Another good option that you can explore for storing your precious metals is a third-party commercial depository. These depositories specialize in the storage of valuable items and offer greater protection to your valuables. To choose a commercial depository, it’s critical to do your research.

Try visiting the place in person to see the security protocols in place. Ensure that there are 24/7 surveillance, armed guards, and advanced electronic locks. You should also pay attention to the fees associated with their services.

While commercial depositories can be more expensive than keeping your precious metals at home or in a bank safety deposit box, for some people they are worth the money, especially at a time when crime rates are rising. Knowing the layers of security in place at a commercial depository will give peace of mind. Moreover, they are also insured so even in the worst-case scenario, your investment will stay safe.

A reputable precious metals exchange has a wide variety of commercial depositories on their panel that they can send the precious metals to. This is why it’s important you only work with an exchange that has a proven track record of meeting customers’ expectations. Only work with an exchange after reading about their terms of service and how they treat their customers. Moreover, learn about their security protocols as the last thing you want is thief’s getting to know how much precious metals you have stored at your home or commercial depository and your address.

A person planning for retirement by looking for a precious metals dealer.

Select an Affordable Gold and Silver Investment Company

Want to invest in precious metals ira account such as gold in 2023? At Orion Metal Exchange, we help investors have the best experience possible. We have helped countless people get started and protect their wealth by making precious metal investment. Thanks to the trust of our customers, we have a 4.9 Trustpilot rating and are also accredited with BBB. 

We only deliver the highest quality gold and silver ira, silver, palladium, platinum bullion, and coins to our customers. Moreover, we have no buyback fees which helps improve the liquidity and experience for our customers. We have a wide array of commercial depositories that we deliver to so you don’t have to go through any hassles. Our team guides you on all kinds of precious metal storage options and can help recommend storage safes for your home. We also do insure deliveries so your precious metals stay safe at all times.

If you have any confusion or questions, reach out to the leading precious metals exchange in the country today.

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