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The Case for Platinum: Reasons to Invest in Platinum

A platinum bar on top of other bars.

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Contrary to popular belief, gold and silver aren’t the only precious metals to invest in—both, for returns and as a diversifier. A huge side of precious metals’ market remains untapped—due to misconceptions and lack of awareness—even though there’s plenty of value in it. Things are now starting to change.

Recently, there has been a hike in precious metals’ investment due to reports of an economic recession, tensions surrounding trade deals and multiple geopolitical conflicts happening across the globe. Investors are becoming more interested in gold, silver and platinum among other precious metals, as a way to diversify their portfolio and to use them as a hedge against inflation.

Where does platinum stand in that list and why you should make a move for it, we’re here to find out!

Market Demand

In 2015, platinum saw a record drop in its prices after the Volkswagen emissions scandal, but between 2015 and now, the market demand for platinum has gained momentum. In the last four years, platinum has recovered its value substantially and reports suggest that its demand will continue to grow by 5 to 10 percent by the end of the year.

Increased Prices

The increase in demand means that we’ll soon see a growing difference between supply and demand, which will cause a surge in the metal’s prices.

South Africa is one of the biggest producers of platinum around the world and currently, its mining industry is in the middle of wage talks for miners who have threatened to go on strike if their demands aren’t heard soon. If the issue isn’t resolved soon, we’ll see a halt in the supply of platinum, causing a surge in its value.

In unfavorable economic conditions, precious metals perform well and platinum will yield the same results.

How can I invest?

You can invest in platinum by owning the physical metal in any form. Compared to gold and silver, platinum products are limited but bars are one of the best ways of investment so you don’t need to worry about the variety.

Apart from bars, you can also own platinum bullion and coins available in smaller denominators. Apart from the demand and pricing, platinum is a rare metal so you can invest in it as a collectible item, making it a worthy addition to your investor’s portfolio.

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