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The Difference Between Platinum And Palladium

The Difference Between Platinum And Palladium

If you’re investing in precious metals, there might have been times where you got confused between several types of metals. Two of the most exquisite metals that are rarer than silver and gold are platinum and palladium, and a majority of you might have had trouble differentiating between the two. Both types of metals bear similar properties, and it’s a given considering they belong to the same group on the periodic table.

Both platinum and palladium reflect the same color, react to certain chemicals, and work as catalysts to the same elements.  However, this is what you can do to differentiate between them: 

1. Check that Price!

One simple way to differentiate between platinum and palladium is by checking the price they are sold. Platinum costs twice as much as palladium because of its rarity and greater density. Its worth is also established on the fact that it can be easily manipulated without breaking apart.  That’s one thing you should keep in mind when differentiating between these metals!

2. Look out for that Sparkle!

Most people fail to distinguish between platinum and palladium because one of the two metals sparkles a little more. Although it is difficult to differentiate between the two based on their luminous property, sometimes a small factor could be all you need to decide. According to a study, palladium has a slightly darker appearance than platinum. Due to this reason, platinum appears to be shinier and brighter.

3. Scratch and Win!

Scratch and Win!

As cheesy as it may sound, scratching might be your best option to tell the difference between the two metals in question. In comparison to platinum, palladium is harder and, therefore, more difficult to scratch. Take a pointed object and try scratching the metals when no one is looking. The one that resists abrasion will be palladium.   

Now, was it that complicated? By learning a few unique characteristics, you’ll be able to tell the difference between palladium and platinum.

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