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The Historic Value of Palladium as an Investment

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You might have heard about gold and silver as crucial precious metal investments to attain increased profits in the future. While gold is considered the king of all precious metals, there’s a member in this family that outweighs its market value called palladium. It’s a rare precious metal found in only four regions worldwide. Its increasing value with less supply and demand ratio is why it’s one of the hottest investment options in the world.

Palladium – what is it?

Palladium is a member of the platinum group metals (PGM), which is white in appearance with a shade of silver.  Palladium is identical to platinum in several ways, but it differs in that it is the smoothest, least porous, and has the lowest range for melting out of all the other members of PGM

Palladium – Where can it be Found?

Palladium lives up to its name of being a precious metal. It’s extracted in very low quality due to strenuous extracting procedures. There are about 6.4 million ounces of palladium in the world, with just two countries producing more than 80% of the total deposit.

The countries responsible for the supply of palladium are:

  • Russia with 91 metric tons in 2020
  • South Africa with 70 metric tons in 2020
  • Canada and the United States with 20 and 14 metric tons of available palladium, respectively.

Palladium – a Brief History

Palladium, unlike gold and silver, is a relatively new precious metal. However, the metal has a rich history from its discovery towards becoming an investment tool and one of the crucial elements for the automobile industrial sector.

The year 1802 was when this silver-like metal was discovered by a scientist William Hyde Wollaston, working on refining platinum in a chemistry lab. He found the breakthrough while degrading platinum in Agua Regia (a solution of hydrochloric acids with nitric acid). 

On examination of the results, he discovered distinct properties for this precious metal. He chose to call the element “palladium” based on a recently discovered planet. Wollaston decided to sell it in the market as an advanced silver but was interrupted when his follow scientist declared this metal as just a reactionary platinum metal on examination of his own.

This is how Wollaston became the lone discoverer of this valuable metal now commonly used in the auto industry and as a precious metal investment tool.

Industrial Use of Palladium

Palladium was initially utilized in the dental and medical industry, but its use was ceased due to its adverse effect on human health. However, it regained its value after being introduced to the automotive industry in the early 1990s.

Today it’s one of the most crucial elements for eco-friendly vehicle manufacturing, particularly catalytic converters. It also has a high demand in the electronic industry while also being used in dental equipment to prevent corrosion.

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