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The Investment Potential of Palladium

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If you asked the average joe what they considered the most expensive precious metal, chances are they’d say gold. But did you know palladium is even more expensive? It costs more than $2,400 for a troy ounce compared to $1,700 for gold and is 30 times rarer! But is palladium a worthwhile investment for the future?

Here’s a brief look at the investment potential of palladium.

What Makes Palladium a Worthwhile Investment?

The main reason why palladium makes for a worthwhile investment is because of its wide array of uses. Palladium is a key component of hydrogen fuel cells that numerous scientists believe is a viable alternative to fossil fuels. According to the International Energy Agency, clean hydrogen continues to grow in demand—meaning demand for palladium will continue to rise and cause its value to increase.

Palladium is also used in catalytic converters designed to purify toxic gases like carbon monoxide emitted from vehicle exhaust systems. Therefore, there’s an environmental incentive to invest in palladium. If you want to invest in precious metals that’ll help the world become more sustainable, it’s worth investing in palladium.

Are There Any Drawbacks of Investing in Palladium?

The biggest drawback of palladium is its price. Palladium is one of the most expensive precious metals available, which means it’s only accessible to the wealthy. But if you think being wealthy is enough to purchase palladium, think again!

Unfortunately, over a third of the palladium currently used by American companies comes from Russia. With the ongoing sanctions against Russia due to the Ukraine war, palladium supplies are likely to continue falling moving forward. This will drive up prices and benefit those who already own palladium—but if you don’t own palladium, it’ll become extremely difficult to find suppliers in the future.

How to Buy Palladium

Fortunately, numerous precious metal companies have enough palladium stocks on hand to sell to the public. If you want to invest in palladium, your best bet is to buy palladium coins from precious metal storage companies. Some precious metal companies also sell IRA-approved palladium bars on request. We recommend sourcing palladium from reputable companies that have strong reviews on platforms like Google.

A palladium coin

Are you thinking of becoming a precious metals IRA custodian? If so, we’re ready to help you at Orion Metal Exchange. We sell palladium coins for as low as $2,340.57 an ounce and help clients set up precious metals IRA accounts. We also provide live updates on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium prices on our website.

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