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The Mysterious Hunt for Forrest Fenn’s Gold Treasure

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Stories about gold treasures have always fascinated mankind. We have all heard of pirates going to great lengths to try to discover lost treasures. While you might be thinking that these are things of the past, however recently, a lot of Americans embarked on a treasure hunt—yes, a real one! 

In this blog, learn about the remarkable Forrest Fenn’s gold treasure hunt that captivated an entire nation. 

Who was Forrest Fenn?

Forrest Fenn was a Vietnam war veteran who became a millionaire after starting an art gallery with his wife in Sante Fe. After the crash of 2008, he saw the effect it had on people and decided to help them get out of depression. He setup a treasure hunt by hiding almost $1 million in gold in the Rocky Mountains.

How Did People React?

After his announcement, it ignited a race between thousands of people who went looking for the prize. People spent hours searching the mountains in hopes of finding the treasure. 

It even inspired a television show that highlighted the remarkable story. Some people became obsessed with finding the treasure, believing it to be their shot at becoming rich. Sightings of people digging in remote areas were common and unfortunately, some people died in the process.

Who Found It?

After almost a decade, the treasure was finally found. A few months before Fenn died in 2020, he confirmed that a medical student Jack Stuef had found the treasure in Wyoming. It contained native American artifacts, gemstones, and gold nuggets,

How to Start your Own Treasure Right in Your Home?

Regardless of whether you found the tale interesting or bizarre, you don’t have to put your life at risk in search of a gold treasure. Some sound financial planning and discipline can help you build one right on your premises that you can pass down to your generations. Simply find a good precious metals exchange and start purchasing gold bullion. Slowly, it will grow and be worth a lot of money.

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