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The Pros and Cons of Investing in IRAs

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Most people feel stressed and anxious when they are near or at the age of retirement. This anxiety is mainly caused by people worrying about surviving and maintaining their current lifestyle when they don’t have a secure job to cover their expenses.

However, there are several ways one can save their money and savings for when they retire to ensure that they have enough resources to fund their needs and wants. Saving methods include investing in the stock market, taking advantage of the employer’s 401(k) plan, and investing in IRAs.

There are two types of IRA accounts: traditional IRA and Roth IRA. Investing in a  traditional IRA account is a much better choice and is preferred as retirement savings account compared to Roth IRA.

Keep reading this blog to learn about some of the pros and cons you need to be careful of before investing in IRAs.

Pros Of Investing In IRAs

Can Increase Total Investment

When you fund your IRA, you are increasing your total investments, and there are higher chances of your retirement portfolio having a long life. By doing this, you can spend a more relaxed and financially stable retirement.

Control Over Savings

With an IRA account, you have stronger control over your savings and how they’re invested. You can invest in mutual funds, precious metals, gold coins, stocks and bonds, and many other options of your choice.

Easy To Set Up

Compared to other accounts and retirement saving options IRAs are easy to set up and maintain and don’t have technicalities that might be hard to follow.

Protection From Creditors

If you are a professional who has some personal liability concerns, IRAs are the safest place to store your money. While you’re working, investing in an IRA is the best place to store your wealth.

Cons Of Investing In IRAs

The Age Limit

The biggest drawback of a traditional IRA is that you can’t invest in it after the age of 70.5. Once you’re older than 70.5 you can’t invest or add to your IRA despite your filing status, income level, and any other factor.

Can’t Borrow Against IRA

Another disadvantage of an IRA is that you can’t, under any circumstances, borrow against your IRA. Unlike a 401(k) plan, you can’t use the IRA to secure any loans.

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