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It’s not just individuals like you who invest in gold; governments around the world have always been keen on maintaining and boosting their gold reserves—because a country’s economy determines how it does globally, and gold can change the status quo at any given minute.

This shift really came in 2010, almost a decade back. Around that time, governments (of countries that had gold reserves) realized that they’d been doing it wrong all this time: instead of selling gold, they should be buying and hoarding it.

It’s almost like the mythical tales dragons that would horde and guard their gold: because they knew it enabled them to keep their hold over things intact.

World Gold Reserves Based on Countries

According to the World Gold Council, the United States has the largest gold reserves, followed closely by Germany.

China and Russia also find a place in the top 10—even India does; these are all countries that have some of the world’s fastest growing economies at the moment.

These governments have got their gilded priorities straight—but should you?

You aren’t running a government and you don’t have the world economy to worry about. Why is investing in gold such a great idea for you?

Because It’s Not Just Great. It’s Perfect

Gold has long been regarded as the “perfect” investment, be it for individuals or for governments and businesses. If almost everyone around you has been talking about opening gold IRAs and the like, there’s a reason for that. In fact, there are many reasons, beginning with:

Low Risk: The simplest and easiest trick in the book is to invest in bullions. Retirement funds are a great way to do this. It doesn’t require much on your part, and you have the assurance of a comfortable retirement on the side.

A Traditional Shelter: Gold has been the traditional shelter for wealth protection and preservation. Instead of keeping money holed up in treasure chests, people—from kings to their subjects—have always preferred gold. It’s a tried and tested method.

It Defies History: As the value of money continues to go down, the value of gold mounts. You can’t go wrong with gold, because its prices will almost always go up. And even in the worst phases when they decline, the damage is only minimal—which cannot be said for paper money.

Seeking Gold IRAs?

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