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They Aren’t Just Bullion Coins – They’re Survival Coins

They Aren’t Just Bullion Coins – They’re Survival Coins

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You’d think that people only buy silver bullions as an investment. But that’s only partly true. Many buy them as investments, yes, but there’s more to silver bullions than meets the eye. For many people, silver bullions are hedges against inflation.

They aren’t just coins – they’re survival coins.

It’s easy to understand how this works: investors keep a close eye on demand and supply for silver fundamentals. And they’ve been doing this for a long while now.

The Most Historic Silver Market Manipulation

If you’re a seasoned silver investor, you’ve probably heard of Warren Buffet. If not, there’s no time like the present. Back in 1998, Warren Buffet – who’s from the Midwest, which is already known for its preference of silver over gold – bought a whopping 129.7 million ounces of silver.

He didn’t say if he was buying this massive amount of metal for investment purposes or as a hedge against inflation, but one thing is for certain: it caused a shortage of the metal in the market.

The shortage led to an increase in silver prices – and all of this, undoubtedly, helped Buffet in the long run.

Today, Buffet’s ’98 silver buffet is a legend among silver investors: because it tells us so much about silver bullions.

The Inflation that Followed and How People Coped with It

It was also during the same time – the 70s – that inflation hit hard. This was because prices of silver (and gold) were increasing in response to the market.

People around that time were investing in as much as 1 oz silver – and it all paid off in the 80s, when inflation was capped and brought back under control.

Banks aren’t All that Safe

One thing that good silver bullion investors have in common is foresight: they always fear the worst. It was this fear of the worst that saved many businesses in Argentina and Paraguay in 2002.

In 2002, when the financial crisis hit hard and banks closed down, paper money didn’t just devalue – much of it was lost. Only the people who had had their money stored in precious metal were safe from this disaster. Many of these conversions had been in silver bullions—and that paid off.

Looking to Invest in Silver Bullions?

If these tales of Warren Buffet and clever Argentinian bankers have compelled you to invest in silver bullions, you’re in the right place. 

Come talk to us or find out more about investing in precious metals here.

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