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Things to Consider Before Getting a Precious Metal Safe for Your Home


A lot of investors have a bad experience when dealing with financial institutions particularly when things start to go haywire. In the crash of 2008, several investors lost their entire savings due to various factors.

That’s why a growing number of investors are overcoming counterparty risks by installing private vaults in their own homes.  With this, they don’t have to pay any fee to a depository and can access their precious metals at any time.

However, these people must do their due diligence before installing a precious metal safe at home. Learn about the things to keep in mind in this blog.

Get The Right Safe

The last thing you want to do is order a safe that can’t even fit all your gold coins and bars. Figure out the content you plan to put inside the vault so you can get one that meets the requirement.

Also, make sure to buy a safe that is sturdy and made of high-quality thick steel that cannot be breached easily. This will help make it impenetrable against any blow torches, drills, and even explosives, that thieves might employ to try to break into the vault.

Get One that is Fire and Water Resistant

Due to climate change, a lot of places in the country are experiencing extreme weather conditions. From wildfires in California to urban flooding in New York, you must get a safe that is fire- and water-resistant. This will give you peace of mind even when a natural disaster strikes.

Consider the Safe’s Positioning

Due to record-breaking inflation, there has been an uptick in burglaries across the country. That’s why you must take additional measures to keep your valuables secure. Try to position the safe in a place that’s not easy to find. Think of hiding places such as under the stair treads, in the attic, or behind a hidden door.

Improve Security

Consider installing CCTV cameras as well as security access systems to improve the security of your private vault. If that isn’t enough to calm your nerves, you can get a good insurance policy for an added layer of protection.

Gold coin

Select an Experienced Precious Metal Exchange

Orion Metal Exchange is a reliable precious metals investment dealer that helps its clients with precious metal storage.  We give ensure deliveries of high-quality silver, gold, platinum, palladium bullion, and coins to our customers. Our 4.9 rating on sites such as ConsumerAffairs speaks volumes about the standards we strive to maintain.

We also help our clients set up their precious metals IRA accounts so that they can grow their nest egg on a tax-deferred basis. We also give our clients the choice to get on board with third-party custodians and depository service providers.

Contact us now to learn about our services today. 

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