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Top 4 Gold Coins to Buy in 2020

Top 4 Gold Coins to Buy in 2020

Owning gold comes with a range of advantages that you can’t get with other investment opportunities. Gold can maintain or increase its value in times of economic uncertainty. Therefore, it’s beneficial for your investment portfolio to have gold. In this blog, we talk about 4 gold coins that you should buy in 2020.

Reasons to Buy Gold

Gold is Tangible

You can easily hold up to $50,000 worth of gold in your hand. You can’t do that with other forms of investment. Gold is an unreactive and sturdy metal, so fire and water can’t destroy it. It stays the same and maintains its shine over time.

No Counter party Risk

Buying gold coins doesn’t require you to have you sign any contract to seal the deal. It’s the only asset that isn’t a liability of some other entity. It also doesn’t require you to have backing from any government or a bank.


Gold coins are readily available and sold throughout the world. In times of an economic crunch, assets like property and art may take longer to sell, but gold increases in demand and can get your loads of profit through its easy saleability.

Top 4 Gold Coins to Buy

1 oz. Gold American Eagle

As one of the most widely acknowledged gold coins in the market, the 1 oz. American Eagle can be found in all gold collections around the world. It holds a purity of 91.67% and is a heavy coin.

Its proofed, gorgeous design features a depiction of Lady Liberty by Augustus Saint Gauden. This coin emulates patriotism and American pride. The design reminds the collectors of a hopeful future, and it comes as no surprise that every collector’s portfolio has this prestigious coin.

1 oz. Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

The Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin is among the widely purchased coins in the international gold market. Since it was first minted in 1979, it has remained a timeless design and an exemplar of exceptional minting technology.

It’s an excellent option for investors because of its recognized design, high liquidity, and low cost. This bullion coin offers better premiums below that of American Eagle.

1 oz. Australian Gold Kangaroo Perth Coin

It’s another favorite collectible coin and is a part of many gold collections across the globe. Every year, the mint imprints a different kangaroo design. This year, the design depicts a kangaroo standing with its joey, as they both look ahead into the plains. On the other side, there’s a print of royal effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

1 oz. The United Kingdom Royal Beast Gold Coin

In 1953, when Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, the entryway to the Abbey in Westminster had ten fantastical creatures as guards. These statues of the queen’s beasts were around six-foot-tall and symbol of history, legacy, and heritage that the queen had inherited that time.

These royal protectors have been engraved to life in the gold coin collection, which began when The Queen started her Sapphire Jubilee. Holding a lot of historical significance, having this coin in your portfolio can increase its value significantly.

If you’re looking to purchase gold for investment, visit Orion Metal Exchange. We have a range of coins from Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle, Canadian Mint Polar Bear, and Great Britain Queens Beast. Our services include precious metal investing for IRA, secure vault, and home storage facilities.

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