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Trading Stock vs. Investing in Precious Metals: What’s More Profitable?

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Historically, stock trading has been a more lucrative choice for seasoned investors looking to maximize gain in shorter times. However, as the world saw in 2008 and then in 2020, in times of high market uncertainty, stocks plummeted and instantly turned to zero.

Investors, therefore, started to turn to precious metal investments and showed keen interest in buying gold and silver, platinum, and palladium. This sector soon gained momentum with a wide range of benefits of investing in precious metals.

Here are the pros of investing in precious metals and trading stocks. In the end, you can make the right choice for yourself!

Pros of Investing in Precious Metals

Let’s first look at the benefits of investing in precious metals.

Cover Against Inflation

Precious metals such as gold report an upward trend during inflation. This is why investors look for a hedge against inflation by investing in precious metals.

Non-Volatile Nature of Precious Metals

Unlike the stock market, which sees a bearish and bullish trend every day, precious metals are more stable.

High Demand in Industries

Backed by the growing demand in automobiles and solar energy, precious metals are seeing high demand.

Lower Risks Due to Value

A company’s stock may turn to zero. But precious metals such as gold or silver will never hit rock bottom.

Easy to Start Small

You can start investing in precious metals for as low as $1,000. It’s ideal for beginners.

Diversified and MultipleChoices

You can buy gold bullion bars, open a gold IRA, or buy gold ETFs. There’s a wide range of choices.

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Pros of Trading Stocks

Here are the benefits of trading stocks.

Equitable Risks and Profits

Because of equity in the stock market, the risks can be mitigated and shared with other equity holders. However, the same rule applies to profit; you’re not your assets’ sole owner.

High Liquidity

The high liquidity of stocks allows investors to avail short-term gains. However, it’s not an ideal choice for those looking for long-term investment.

Share in a Company

Trading stocks allow you to claim a share in a company. While it’s a great thing till you’re getting dividends and profits, it’s not pleasant if a company’s stock tanks. And unfortunately, there’s no way to protect a company’s stock from sinking in a highly volatile stock market.

What’s Your Pick?

There are both benefits and downsides to precious metal investments and stock trading. However, having a sound and diverse portfolio is the key to protecting you against inflation, uncertainties, and changing market dynamics. Experts recommend having at least 5-10 percent of your portfolio in precious metals to receive gains when stocks plummet.

Strengthen Your Portfolio with Precious Metals

If you want to diversify your portfolio by setting up a gold IRA or buying precious metals, get in touch with us. Orion Metal Exchange is a certified precious metal investment dealer offering IRA custodian services and secure gold and silver storage.

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