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Traditional vs. Roth IRA Accounts: Everything You Need to Know

a couple is looking to open up a Gold IRA.

Everyone hopes for a stress-free retirement devoid of money concerns. However, the prep work to get there starts much earlier. The best and most successful form of saving tends to be through an Individual Retirement (IRA) Account.

However, there are two kinds of IRA accounts; Traditional and Roth. Reports have shown that nearly 43% of households in the US contributed to traditional IRAs, while 44% committed to Roth IRA’s. The remaining 13% contributed to both kinds.

While essential to start saving early, it is crucial to understand which IRA account best suits your needs and what benefits each account holds.

Tax Break

The most significant difference between both accounts is your tax returns. With a traditional IRA account, you are expected to make pre-tax contributions. This type of tax rule is ideal for someone confident that they will be in a lower or consistent tax bracket when they withdraw their investments.

However, with a Roth IRA account, you can withdraw your contributions tax-free. Although ideal, you must keep in mind that you have to reach the age limit of 59.5 to be free of tax deductions. This is a perfect setting for anyone who sees themselves being in a higher tax bracket.


The goal with IRA accounts is not to break upon the seal until retirement. However, life is unpredictable, and it’s crucial to know which account is more forgiving if you need to make a withdrawal.

Roth is seen as a considerably less stressful account if you plan to withdraw funds. You can withdraw your contributions at any time with no worries about heavy taxes or penalty fees. However, the same cannot be said for a Traditional IRA account.

If you withdraw your contributions from your traditional IRA account, you will have to pay a 10% withdrawal penalty. In addition to that, you will be taxed based on your current income as well. There are exceptions that you could discuss with a consultant before you start your IRA investment.

Both these factors have their advantages, and one must proceed to keep in mind just how dead set they are on not tapping into their retirement fund until the very end.

Need Assistance?

Whether you have more questions that have to be answered or simply want to open up an IRA account of your own, Orion Metal Exchange is at your service. We offer expert advice and services to all our clients. Contact us now with any queries you might have.

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