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The Ultimate Guide to Precious Metal Investments

gold and silver coins.

Tangible gold and silver has always been recognized as viable investment instruments to offset inflation. However, platinum and palladium also are used to offset inflation while offering a way to tangibly invest in industry and technology. There are many reasons why investors should consider tangible precious metal as part of their overall investment strategy.

If you are considering precious metals for the first time, you might wonder which metal will best serve your investment needs and where to buy them. This guide will provide valuable insight on precious metals and inform you where to buy, sell, and trade them. Let’s dive in.


Gold has always been considered a viable investment vehicle to protect wealth. Historically, it has provided investors with a store of value while offering long-term portfolio growth. The metal is unique for its durability, malleability, and its ability to hold value. While the metal is used in some industrial applications, it is principally used for jewelry and investment.

Gold’s value is affected by the laws of supply and demand, and predominantly fluctuates in oppostition to fiat currencies. Gold cannot be produced on a printing press and commands a cost for production. The cost to produce gold is determined by the cost to mine. The cost to mine gold will increase with inflation. Unlike fiat currencies, tangible gold carries no debt. This is why investors look to gold as an alternative to fiat currencies.

Gold has always been considered a safe store of value. Fiat currencies, stocks, bonds, and even cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and unstable during an economic crisis. On the other hand, gold exhibits consitent growth historically and can help preserve your portfolio’s value during turbulent economic conditions.

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Many investors view gold as an inflationary hedge. During times of inflation, the real rates of return in conventional investment instruments such as equity, bonds, or real estate are negative. As such, gold is an asset that will maintain its value and provide incredible growth in the long run.

Gold is also considered to be a safer investment option during geopolitical crises. Investors may opt to store their savings in gold till economic conditions stabilize. Gold will hold its intrinsic value and protect purchasing power over time.


Silver, like gold, is another tangible precious metal that is used as an inflation hedge and is also used in a variety of industrial and technology applications. Even though silver exhibits a bit more volatility than gold, it will hold it’s value over time. For investors who cannot afford gold, silver can be a viable alternative that may offer additional upside potential.

6 stacks of gold coins.

Platinum and Palladium

Like gold and silver, platinum is precious metal that can offer additional value to an investment portfolio. Although platinum is more rare than gold, it’s currently trading at a significant discount in comparison to the yellow metal. If you are looking to buy low and sell high, platinum may offer a great investment opportunity at this time.

Platinum prices are also influenced by geopolitical conditions, especially in areas where mining occurs. Investors should carefully consider all factors before including platinum within their portfolios. Aside from jewelry, platinum and palladium are used in clean air applications, such as catalytic converters, hydrogen power, etc.

Platinum American Eagle coin at Orion Metal Exchange.

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