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Unbelievable Facts About Gold

Unbelievable Facts About Gold

Gold is one of the most valuable commodities on the planet, and humans have traded and fought over it for thousands of years, from Mesopotamia to the U.S. gold rush of the nineteenth century. Today, gold is found in a wide range of products, from beautiful jewelry to Smartphone’s and pharmaceuticals.

So, what distinguishes this elusive metal as such an intriguing and valuable asset? Take a peek at these fascinating gold facts.

Fact #1- Origin Of Gold

Scientists believe that the existing gold didn’t originate on our planet. Instead, it came from meteor showers two hundred million years after Earth was formed.

Fact #2- Gold Exists In The Human Body

Yes, it is a fact; traces of gold exist in the human body near the heart and in nail roots. An average man weighing 70 kilos has 0.2 milligrams of gold inside his body.

Fact #3- Gold Is Imperishable

Since gold is chemically a noble metal, it doesn’t corrode, rust, or respond to most acids. That is why gold dating from B.C era still exists today.

Fact #4- Earthquakes Produces Gold  

The vibrations from earthquakes blend gold particles from fissures with water, eventually forming gold crystals ingrained with quartz.

Fact #5- It Is Edible

Yes, you can eat gold. In the USA, gold is added to foods to give them a gourmet touch. In recent years gold has been added to any kind of food from sweet to savory.  It is also added to specific medicines.

Fact #6- It Grows On Trees

Zoologists have revealed that Eucalyptus tree has gold substance in its leaves, as the roots are 130 feet underground. Since gold particles are located in underground water, Eucalyptus tree drains the gold deposits and transmits them to the leaves by photosynthesis.

Fact #7- Amount Of Gold Uncovered

Research shows that only 20 percent of gold is found and the rest is still out there, which approximately is worth around 3 trillion USD. 

Amount Of Gold Uncovered

Fact #8- Soft In Nature

The purest form of gold is so soft that you can easily mold it into any form by using your hands. If the gold is less pure that it won’t make a difference.

Fact #9- Useful In Medicines

Gold is useful in treating dangerous diseases. For cancer patients gold in anticancer pills minimize the size of the tumor. For rheumatoid arthritis, gold reduces swelling. For HIV patients, gold can reduce virus cells easily.

Fact #10- Found In Ocean

Ocean water contains tiny gold particles; also gold ores are located on the seafloor. However, scientists are still figuring out how to get the gold from the ocean.    

Gold has been used for investment purposes for centuries now. Its timeless nature has time again proven its worth to the people.

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