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Ways Gold Savings Can Benefit Your Children and Family

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The best way to safeguard your children and their future as a parent is to invest in financial commodities and instruments that will grow. When investing for your children, keep in mind the investment’s time horizon and purpose. For the longer term, we suggest learning about good gold investment companies before investing.

Gold has been around for ages and still holds a considerable amount of value in the eyes of investors all over the world. Through centuries, economies have used this precious metal as an underlying asset to decide asset valuation and continue to do so.

Gold has been a relatively stable commodity historically and during times of various financial crises globally. In this post, we will explore gold as a store of value and its long-term benefits for your family and children.

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What Does Store Of Value Mean?

When a commodity, asset, or currency sustains its worth over a period, it is said to have storing value. Any item that can be liquated without much change in its monetary equivalence is a good store of value. Commodities are gauged based on this principle and other factors, like their durability, divisibility, and portability.

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The key concept behind the store of value is risk aversion. If the prices of underlying commodities are expected to remain the same or appreciate, one can expect a rise in demand. Typically, gold and other precious metals are good stores of value because of their good shelf life and sturdy properties.

Let’s look at some common examples:

1. Money

Money is any commodity exchanged for particular goods. Historically, trade agents and businessmen used gems as a medium of exchange based on their intrinsic values. Money has a universal function based on the job it performs.

Many economies hoard money due to its store of value; however, fiscal and monetary policy changes can sometimes impact its utility as a store of value. In cases of accelerated inflation, purchasing power reduces, causing liquidity constraints.

2. Gold and other precious metals

Gold is one of the most popular precious metals used to store value. Its divisibility and portability features make it a backup reserve choice.

In today’s financial world, gold is a preferred commodity that promises long-term value. Many investors diversify their portfolios and balance their stock counterparts with gold holdings to avoid risks.

When investing in gold coins or gold-backed commodities, you lock a certain portion of your investment to appreciate. Gold has many benefits, as discussed below, that future generations can later unlock whenever the need arises.

Silver and gold bars placed against a plain, black background

The Benefit of Gold Savings

Let’s explore some benefits gold has over other commodities.

1. Gold is timeless

Unlike investments in property or real estate, gold is low maintenance and its value increases over time. Gold is a great store of wealth as it can maintain itself and needs no special storing instructions or maintenance. Most precious metals have a healthy shelf life. Their sturdy, tangible properties minimize rapid tarnish and keep them from diminishing over the years.

Between 1990 to 2020, gold appreciated by over 360%. This steady appreciation has made gold a favorable investment avenue, encouraging individuals to invest in gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and gold futures.

To date, pure gold and gold-backed instruments are a preferable choice of investment due to their great store of value. They hold countless benefits for your children years after you have invested in them.

2. It shelters from inflation

Gold is the three-headed dog that keeps individuals from losing all their investment value. Precious metal is much more resistant to inflation, unlike paper money. Paper money only operates at face value and loses its worth in the face of inflation in the economy.

Fiat currency has lost nearly 80% of its value against gold over the past two decades. In simple supply and demand economics, higher money printing causes currency devaluation. With gold, the intrinsic value of the precious metal rises with inflation. Hence, investing in gold for your children will help them minimize losses when paper savings lose their face value.

3. It has no geographical boundaries

Gold is universal; its value is recognized worldwide. The 2008 financial crisis had a ripple effect on global markets and resulted in an appreciation in gold prices from $700 to $1900 per ounce from 2008 to 2011. Ever since this historic event of financial deregulation, investors have preferred gold-backed instruments during times of recession globally.

Investors across borders can benefit from this appreciation in the precious metal’s value. Since its popularity during the barter system, gold’s value has only been appreciated. Rest assured, gold carries the same benefits for your children as an investment plan.

Gold is not tied down by the laws of certain economies, inflation, or geographical boundaries. Hence, investing in gold holds benefits for your children and future generations as it is a great store of value. Its ageless properties mean that it needs low maintenance and operates on its intrinsic value as opposed to a currency whose face value is dictated by an underlying asset.

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