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What are the Unique & Effective Ways to Invest in Gold?

What are the Unique & Effective Ways to Invest in Gold?

There are many benefits of investing in gold; the value of gold remains safeguarded against deteriorating economic conditions like inflation and other unfavorable events such as political unrest.

However, keeping gold in physical form with you as an investment is not safe or convenient. There are many other unique ways through which you can invest in gold.

Gold Coins

Gold coins are a more portable and lighter way to carry gold physically. Their prices are listed in financial publications around the world and are usually bought at a premium of up to 5% over their underlying value.

Gold Bullions

Gold bullions are large bars of gold that are certified for their purity and weight. These are made purely of gold or mostly pure gold, which makes them quite valuable.

However, due to their large size, they are also illiquid, which means you can’t sell them quickly for cash.


Derivatives are financial instruments whose value is derived from an underlying asset. Using derivatives to invest in gold offers two main advantages: returns and time.

With a forward or futures contract, you can buy gold sometime in the future when its value has increased.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

These specialized financial instruments are backed up against a certain quantity of gold and are traded on the exchange market much like stocks are. This method allows you the freedom to not have to store the gold, which is risky and costly.

Gold Mining Company

An indirect way to cash in on rising gold prices is to invest in companies that mine gold. These companies benefit directly from increasing gold prices, and their stocks rise in value too.

The investment method you choose when looking to invest in gold would depend on the liquidity level and speculation you are willing to undertake. A reliable investment fund can guide you on the best investment method to use.

Orion Metal Exchange can help guide you on the best gold coins for investment as well as options for rentals in secure private vault storage.

Our distribution rate is higher than the industry average, and we provide you with real-time updates on your investment.

Call our experts for advice at 1-800-559-0088 and learn about our gold products for investment here. You can also contact us to learn more about our precious metal products.

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