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What Metals Are Worth Investment in 2022?

What Metals Are Worth Investment in 2022?

Investing in precious metals has always been considered a safe move for investors. Precious metals offer a hedge against inflation and help diversify an investor’s portfolio to minimize the risks of failure.

The Rise in Precious Metal Investment

Precious metals were considered a safe investment after the economic crisis of the early 2000s. Several circumstances during this era caused the market to collapse, but gold surprisingly increased in value.

The price of gold during this era increased by a staggering 215 percent.

Best Precious Metals for Investment

Precious metals have several demand drivers that cause price fluctuations throughout the different levels of a market cycle. Consequently, these precious metals become less vulnerable to the other markets in an economic setup. These qualities and risk factors prove precious metals to be effective forms of investment.

Following are some of the best precious metals to invest in 2022:


Gold was the most in-demand precious metal for investment in 2020, amounting to about 47 percent of the total global demand for precious metals. The statistics are understandable since gold is the most common type of precious metal worldwide, projected to grow another 9 percent in value by 2027.

Gold has several uses in the industrial sector due to its ability to conduct heat and electricity. Its primary purpose is in the jewelry industry with other uses in dentistry, pharmaceutical, and electronics.

Gold is also considered an incredible investment to stabilize an investor’s portfolio. The value of gold rarely suffers a fall even in the toughest of economic conditions.


Silver is another primary form of precious metal predicted to do well in 2022. Silver, like gold, has been around and part of the monetary system for ages. This precious metal is very high in value as an investment and has several uses in the industrial sector.

You have the option to include silver in your portfolio by investing in silver coins or buying silver bullion bars. There are EFT contracts for the possession of silver that you can utilize for profits in the future. The market of this precious metal can also be accessed by investing in digital trading.


Platinum is extremely scarce, and it may even sell for more than gold. The yearly output of gold is around 2,800 tons, while the annual production of platinum is approximately 250 tons.

Platinum has a variety of industrial applications due to its high heat resistance. Furthermore, the metal is a valuable commodity for investment and resale for those who want to store it and sell it when needed.

Gold coins in a small coin storage

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