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Where Does Platinum Stand in 2022

Where Does Platinum Stand in 2022

For quite some time, gold and silver have remained two of the most common precious metals investors look to invest in. With a market capitalization of over $10 trillion, investing in gold and silver is one of the traits of an experienced investor to add diversity to the portfolio. But what if someone wants more variety? Are there any other potential precious metals that people can invest in return for huge profits?

Platinum is a long-lasting precious metal. It supports  long- and short-term market needs and investing qualities that will benefit many investment portfolios. It is a valuable metal utilized in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, particularly the automobile sector. Its prices are likely expected to rise as the world is recovering from a global pandemic of COVID-19. It is also projected to have a potential future in renewable energy. Investing in platinum is a wonderful option for investors.

Should you invest in platinum? Is it the right time to invest in platinum? Let’s find out.

Platinum Industry

Platinum has greater production and commercial usage than silver or gold. It’s been used to make catalytic converters, which are pollution-control systems for cars. Because it is conductible, it is employed in fuel cell technology and power generation.  Platinum is becoming more popular in the Asian automotive sector, where many people do not own vehicles but might in the future in developing economies.

Platinum investment might be more volatile than gold or silver since platinum is 30 times rarer than gold. Platinum can be more valuable than gold, and 50–60 percent of its usage is in the automobile industry.

Investing In Platinum

When it comes to investing in precious metals, platinum offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for people looking to diversify their portfolios or looking to make some gains. The demand for platinum has risen due to its increased usage in the manufacturing and production sectors. It also has restricted availability, which makes it more precious. These swings caused price fluctuations, attracting investors looking for financial opportunities amid the market’s instability. Platinum investments will continue to attract curiosity due to potential price movements.

Factors Affecting Platinum’s Price

Following are some factors that can affect or alter platinum’s value in the market.

  • Platinum is a precious metal with vast industrial and commercial applications. It is used in manufacturing catalytic converters, jewelry, chemical refining equipment, and the computer industry. Their trends and demand can alter platinum prices.
  • Platinum mines are concentrated in Russia and South Africa. These two countries can control market prices due to political gains.
  • Many automobile firms are looking for other materials that can replace platinum. Palladium has been seen as a potential replacement material that is relatively less expensive than platinum.
Gold bars placed over platinum bars

Invest In Precious Metals Online With Orion Metal Exchange

Investing in platinum is an intelligent decision for investors as the prices of platinum are estimated to rise in 2022. Due to its vast industrial applications, it has always been an essential precious metal. People can invest in platinum through different platforms. Orion Metal Exchange offers top-quality investing strategies to amateur investors. We also provide various services like precious metals IRA accounts, silver bullion coins, gold coins, etc.

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