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Which Is More Valuable: Gold or Diamond?

Which Is More Valuable: Gold or Diamond?

Diamonds and gold are extremely valuable because they are difficult to excavate. These materials are visually appealing and offer tons of uses in industrial settings.

Key Factors for Investing in Diamonds

  • Quality of Diamond– carat, cut, clarity, and color determine the quality of diamonds.
  • Type of Diamonds- become an educated buyer and learn the trends that influence diamond prices. The market demand for diamonds differs for different diamond types. Investing in various types of diamonds will improve their resale value.
  • Certification- while buying diamonds, ensure you get a legitimate certificate. Certification will enable you to purchase an asset at a fair value.
  • Mounting- if you sell a diamond, you may not get a return on mounting. However, if the diamond is embedded in a top-notch gold ring or pendant, you’ll receive a good ROI.

Key Factors for Investing in Gold

  • Buying from a reliable source– purchase gold from trusted retailers to avoid potential risks.
  • Unencumbered Ownership– when buying gold, it is necessary that you’re the sole owner of it. Upon purchase, the company you’re buying from should have no right over your asset.
  • Purchase physical gold– purchase gold coins or bars for investment purposes.

Cost of Gold vs. Diamond

Six diamonds resting on a shiny surface.

The cost of diamonds and gold fluctuates widely. The value of 1 carat diamond ranges from $2,500 to $18,000 depending on its quality, whereas 1 gram of gold is worth $60. This means that even the lowest grade of a diamond is worth 40 times more than a gram of gold.

So, Which One Is More Valuable?

Gold is a better investment asset than a diamond because it’s known to survive inflation and has a profitable ROI. Some countries even use gold as a currency, which isn’t possible with diamonds. Gold is also more valuable because it withstands cyber threats, trade wars, terrorism, and political conflicts. Furthermore, gold’s value persists over significant periods because it’s rarer than diamonds and easier to resell.

Some pawnshops don’t even consider purchasing diamonds. The value of diamonds drops significantly the moment you leave the jewelry store. That’s because diamonds are bought at wholesale price and then sold at retail price. In this context, gold is more valuable as it increases its worth with time.

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