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Which Precious Metals Make the Best Gifts?

metals as gifts

Precious metals can be made into classic cufflinks, jewelry items, or simply metal bars for later use. The gift item is also valuable in terms of investment options. The value of precious metals has only increased over the years. Gold and silver have been go-to items for financial investments.

Apart from a few types of coins, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) considers precious metal jewelry as collectibles. Go for gold coins as the idea gift item. The metal suits all occasions and can be treasured for a lifetime.

Tangible assets are the most thoughtful present you can gift a loved one. The benefits of investing in precious metals are many! Invest in IRA accounts with our trustworthy team to help you at each step.

Here are some precious metal gift ideas for your loved one.

Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

Intricate and equally exquisite, a Canadian Maple Leaf print is a gold collector’s perfect choice. Internationally recognized and traded globally, the Maple Leaf coin comes with an authentic warranty and can be stored as a financial asset. The coin is recognized far and wide for its beauty and highly intricate details.

Buy bullion coins online at Orion Metal Exchange. Our service also offers equally pleasing palladium and silver coins.


Platinum ornaments and jewelry are a sight to behold. Platinum is around thirty times rarer than other precious metals like gold. Platinum doesn’t corrode over time. It’s the ideal gift to be passed on from generation to generation. You might need a significant amount of platinum to make an attractive piece of jewelry, but it’s worth the effort.


Named after Pallas, the second-largest asteroid in the world is one of the most precious metals around. Palladium is tarnish-proof and challenging to find. The prices of palladium have seen a hike in the last few years. Apart from gift items, palladium is a perfect choice for engagement rings and showpieces.


Silver is a durable gift item for the ages. It has incredible malleability and is a valued metal after gold. Silver jewelry, ornaments, and showpieces make unforgettable gift items.  

a silver coin

At Orion Metal Exchange, we help our clients invest in gold and silver. Our products include gold bullion bars and coins, silver coins, and other best precious metals ira investments.

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