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Why Aluminum Is Not a Precious Metal Anymore

Why Aluminum Is Not a Precious Metal Anymore

Precious metals like gold and silver have been in demand since before ancient Egypt. In comparison, aluminum has had an interesting journey from being a precious metal to one of the most common metals.

About Aluminum

The use of aluminum in the world has been documented since ancient Mesopotamia in the form of alum. But this was the time when humans didn’t discover the way to extract aluminum. It was until the 1800s, when Friedrich Wohler found a way to extract aluminum from the ore, that the value of aluminum hiked.

This was the time when aluminum was called the most expensive and valuable metal, in the nineteenth century. Kings like Napoleon and Christian of Denmark were using aluminum items and gifted them to their partners. It was so popular that it was used in the making of the Washington Monument.

Why Aluminum Is Not a Precious Metal Anymore

A precious metal’s worth lies in its rarity, but it is no longer precious if it becomes abundant and easy to extract. The same scenario occurred in the case of aluminum.

In the late nineteenth century, two scientists found a cheap way to extract aluminum in two different corners of the world: Charles Hall in America and Paul Heroult in France after a year. However, both their contributions were called the Hall Heroult method.

Another process was introduced to produce alumina called the Bayer method. These methods helped in extracting aluminum cheaply, which affected its price. As the Industrial Revolution was at its peak, aluminium production increased by three times, decreasing its rarity and making it more accessible.

In the early Twentieth Century, aluminum was declared one of the common metals. Still, the practical applications of aluminum were many.


Aluminum As A Common Metal

After the production rate increased, aluminum was easily available. In 1891, a team in Switzerland put together an aluminum body of a ship successfully.

In the late Nineteenth Century, railroads were popular. Still, the train seats were made with iron, causing problems, especially in summers. So, inventors utilized aluminum seats in New York.

After making its debut in the shipyard and railroad industry, aluminum usage was seen in the automobile sector when Benz introduced a supercar with an aluminum body. Wright Brothers also used aluminum for their airplane interior to reduce its weight. At the time of World War two, many weapons and army tanks were made out of aluminum.

Aluminum was also utilized in making cutlery and cans, which is still seen in the present era. The latest use of aluminum is producing recyclable cans for food and soda to make our environment better.

Why You Should Consider Investing in Aluminum

While aluminum is no longer a precious metal, it still has a huge demand in the metals market. Make the smart choice and invest in those precious metals now to profit from them in the future.

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