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Why Are Precious Metals the Perfect New Year’s Gift?

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Any excuse is great to show your loved ones how much you love them. Whether it’s their birthday, the start of retirement, Christmas, the birth of a child, or to please someone, there are many occasions to surprise a loved one with a gift, but most of the time, you’re short of ideas. But any time is a good time to turn to precious metals. In particular, with rising inflation this year, giving away a precious metal coin is even more special.

Here’s why precious metals are the perfect New Year’s gift!

Precious Metals – The Perfect New Year’s Gift

Precious metals are safe havens ​​that, at times like the present, not only maintain their value but even increase it. They symbolize beauty and power but also protection and resistance in the face of uncertainty.

Precious metals, particularly gold, have shown insolent resistance this year. The current price of an ounce of yellow metal is at the same level as a year ago, with wide oscillations over the period, given the sometimes very heavy falls in the prices of alternative investments (stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, real estate, etc.).

Gold benefited from hopes of less severity from the Fed on the key rate front and from the sharp decline in long-term rates on government bonds. Indeed, since gold does not generate income, it automatically benefits from a decline in real rates due to arbitrage phenomena.

The price of precious metals also benefitted from the FTX scandal (the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange), which has turned retail investors away from bitcoin and other virtual currencies a little more. The collapse of prices this year has been particularly anxiety-provoking. Experts note that in November 2022, the rise in the price of gold was linked with the fall of bitcoin.

More surprising are the forecasts indicating that the price of gold could potentially explode in 2023. According to recent reports, precious metals are expected to reach record highs in 2023. Thus, precious metals will shine this New Year and are the perfect gift. Indeed, this is the best time to expand your precious metal investment portfolio!

How to Give Precious Metals as a Gift?

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Precious metals have generally been given away in the form of jewelry or watches, but many people do not feel comfortable wearing these types of accessories. It is a much more risky gift and, all told, expensive.

In contrast, buying a gold or silver coin is not as expensive as it is assumed. Its price varies depending on the amount of metal it contains, but its weight doesn’t need to be high for a good gift. The key lies in the design or motif you choose. Plus there are coins for all tastes symbolizing love, passion, respect, greatness, friendship, and more.

Reach Out to the Orion Metal Exchange Team – A Trusted Precious Metals Exchange Dealer

If you are clear that you are going to surprise your special one with gold and silver bullion this New Year, Orion Metal Exchange offers you several alternatives. You can select from a wide range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products, each with unique symbols associated with different meanings.

Orion Metal Exchange is a renowned precious metals investment dealer in the industry, offering its clients the ability to buy, sell, and exchange tangible precious metals for years.

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