When going through the newspapers, one can’t help but think about the wild price swings that have become synonymous with popular cryptocurrencies. While the value of a digital currency is constantly fluctuating, gold has been a proven commodity for hundreds of years. Here are the reasons why digital currencies are more volatile than gold:

Hard for Businesses to Accept

Digital currencies are the most volatile of currencies. Their price goes up and down more than any other currency in existence. This kind of volatility makes it difficult for businesses to accept it as payment because you never know if your products will sell for $5 or $500.

Unethical Side of Digital Currency

The dark web is a segment of the Internet that is often associated with illicit activities such as drug dealing, hitmen, and espionage. Digital currencies are typically used on the dark web, which is why some consider them to be unethical.

Governments Can Ban Digital Currencies

Governments can ban the use of cryptocurrency in any kind of transaction for reasons such as money laundering, terrorist funding, and tax evasion. These can lead to great losses for investors. Many people have also lost their hard-earned money by investing in digital currencies that turned out to be nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

Gold Is More Stable

Gold is an essential element found within the earth and is used in multiple industries, thereby making it a safe investment. Most investors are aware of the gold market’s long history. They know that gold has been a valuable commodity for more than 5,000 years.

Invest in Gold Now

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