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Why Invest in Physical Gold?

Physical Gold

The following article is created by Orion Metal Exchange for the benefit of our investors and perspective investors alike. We seek to provide relevant content concerning precious metals and the impact caused by the economy and geopolitical trends that will most likely have an impact on the financial future. If you are interested in learning about precious metal investing, call 1-800-559-0088, for a FREE investor kit

Why own physical gold? 

Paper currency values can be manipulated by government policy. As a government continues to print paper currency, the paper’s purchasing power weakens, and the costs of goods, services, and commodities rise. Gold is a commodity that must be tangibly produced as opposed to printed. The cost to produce gold rises with inflation and paper currency values fall due to excessive government deficit spending. For example, as the U.S. government goes further in debt, a gold eagle coin will offset the loss of purchasing power over time.  

Inflation is another form of taxation. An “inflation tax” is regressive. The definition of regressive is to return to a previous and less advanced state. Precious metal coins are considered by many as the best way to protect against the regressive effects of inflation.

Why is physical gold a conservative investment?

Unlike many paper investment vehicles, physical precious metals are void of counterparty risk. When you invest in gold or silver, no one is borrowing or loaning against your holdings. When debt is attached to an investment, a higher level of risk is present.  

Debt encumbered investment vehicles are considered speculative and can become worthless when adverse market conditions are present. Physical precious metals carry no debt and are considered a hedge. Gold and silver have never gone to zero in value.  

When you own physical gold and silver, no one is borrowing or loaning against your financial future. 

Why diversify in physical gold? 

Precious metals have a comparatively low or negative correlation when compared to stocks and paper assets. This means when the prices of other assets decrease, the value of gold increases relatively. Precious metal diversification helps ensure portfolio balance and is used to promote financial stability. 

Precious metals are not prone to mismanagement or mishandling by corporations or government entities. Precious metals are not subject to government policy changes. When you own precious metals, no one can borrow or loan against your holdings. Precious metal investments are free from the risk associated with debt. 

Unlike a conventional retirement plan, a precious metal IRA gives you the ability to know exactly where your physical asset is stored and located. 

Does the IRS allow physical gold in an IRA?

The IRS allows the ability to own physical gold through a precious metals IRA account. The involvement of an IRS approved custodian, depository, and precious metal dealer is required. To establish a precious metals IRA, simply contact Orion Metal Exchange. Within minutes, our in-house IRA department can help you establish a precious metals gold IRA. Then, our IRA department will contact your current retirement account custodian to request the transfer of your retirement account funds. Once your funds are transferred, you will be able to buy, sell, or exchange gold, silver, platinum, or palladium with a phone call. Our IRA department will then insure and ship the precious metals to your insured IRA depository account. A precious metal IRA account allows you the flexibility to buy, sell, and exchange precious metals within your retirement account as a non-taxable event. Orion Metal Exchange offers the services of every legitimate precious metal IRA custodian and depository in the nation, and our IRA department will help you find the best custodian and depository program to suit your personal needs. Every IRA commercial depository we work with is insured by Lloyd’s of London.   

Are commercial depositories insured? 

A depository can store, secure, and does insure your precious metal holdings. This service applies to precious metals acquired outside of an accredited retirement account. Our customer service department will help you locate and establish a direct account relationship with an insured commercial depository in the United States. You can buy, sell, exchange, or request delivery of precious metals with a phone call. Orion Metal Exchange works with every legitimate insured commercial depository in the nation. Every commercial depository storage program is insured by Lloyd’s of London for the value of the precious metal holdings.  

Can gold be delivered to my residence? 

With Orion Metal Exchange, receiving physical possession of precious metals is simple. With a phone call, you can guarantee the product and pricing. On a recorded tradeline, you can purchase gold, silver, platinum, or palladium within 30 seconds. We will email you a transaction invoice for your records. You can place payment by wire, ACH, or check. We will notify you once we have received your funds, and we will notify you once your purchase has been shipped. We will email tracking numbers to you once your order has shipped, and you will be able to track the insured package to your doorstep. 

What are the advantages of investing in physical gold compared to other forms?

Investing in physical gold offers a tangible asset with intrinsic value, providing a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainties, as it historically maintains its value and often performs well during market turbulence, while also granting investors a sense of security through tangible ownership. 

Can you outline purchasing and storing gold through Orion Metal Exchange?

Orion Metal Exchange provides a streamlined process for purchasing and storing gold. With over 40 years of combined industry experience, prioritizing client success, support is offered for buying, selling, or exchanging precious metals, including accredited retirement accounts, third-party storage, or home delivery. 

Why own physical gold in the current economic landscape?

The current economic landscape, characterized by volatility and inflation concerns, increases the appeal of physical gold as a safe haven asset. Investors seek gold as a hedge against economic uncertainties and as a means to safeguard wealth during turbulent times. Its historical stability and intrinsic value make it an attractive option amidst market instability. 

Orion Metal Exchange presents this article for both our investors and perspective investors, offering insights into precious metals and their relevance amidst economic and geopolitical trends. To explore precious metal investing further, dial 1-800-559-0088 for a FREE investor kit. 

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