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Why is Palladium So Valuable?

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Precious metal prices rise as the demand for gold and silver increases. The silvery-white metal “palladium” is more expensive than gold and silver. As per recent statistics, palladium is around 50% more expensive than gold. But what makes palladium a pricier metal than gold? Let’s find out.

The PGM Metals

Palladium was discovered in the 19th century. The metal has a silvery appeal and belongs to the same group of metals as platinum. The PGM or Platinum Group Metals are quite rare and inert. Most of these metals are known for their lustrous surface.

Intrigued already? You can own a few intricate palladium products as effective non-paper tangible assets. Precious metal exchanges offer palladium product storage and secured home delivery services.

The Use of Palladium

Most palladium is used in the automobile industry in the catalytic converters that almost all modern vehicles use. Without palladium, the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons released from cars could severely damage the environment. Palladium acts as a catalyst to change harmful emissions from vehicles into less toxic carbon dioxide emissions.

Highly Corrosion Resistant

A leading reason for choosing palladium by most industries is that it’s corrosion-proof. The metal doesn’t even corrode easily in air and is quite inert to acid reactions and moisture damage. Palladium is also highly resistant to rust.

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Palladium is Scratch-Proof

Palladium is more scratch-proof than gold. Its surface shows very little sign of damage after a rough collision. In comparison, gold is softer than palladium and can easily warp under pressure, being better suited to jewelry-making.

Investing in palladium is always a good choice! American metal exchanges offer palladium bars apart from palladium coins as well.

Incredible Liquidity Advantage

Liquidity advantage allows investors to sell a commodity at almost the same price at which it was bought. Liquidity measures are used to detect risk factors in tangible asset investment. Palladium and platinum both come with a high liquidity advantage.

Industry experts and niche market data suggest palladium prices will only increase in the coming years based on the increasing demand in the auto sector. Insights from the industry expect a greater supply of palladium to the automotive industry in the future, making it an even more pricey investment option for the coming years.

Palladium and gold investment companies offer a great chance to optimize your financial investments. Invest in gold, palladium, and platinum products at Orion Metal Exchange for easy liquidity, storage, and investment options. To buy gold bullions or open a gold and silver IRA account, contact us at 1-800-559-0088.

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