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Why Platinum Is Popular in 2021

Why Platinum Is Popular in 2021

Historically, it has been suggested that investors keep a portion of their portfolio in the precious metals exchange as a “safe-haven” asset and a risk premium against inflation. Commodity investing proved to be a winning venture in 2021, with several metals setting new multi-year highs. Gold is, without a doubt, still an outstanding investment commodity in this regard. However, platinum, a vital component for the electronic and pharmaceutical industries, has proven to be one of the outstanding performers in this group.
Platinum is a rare metal—in fact, the rarest of them all and about 30 times more unique than gold. It has strong fundamentals of supply and demand. Platinum has been found to make precious metals allocations more successful by acting as a long-term portfolio diversifier. It has been noted that if a portfolio with gold and silver investment had incorporated even 5% of platinum over the last 30 years, their risk-adjusted returns would have been higher.

Platinum—a Rare Precious Metal

Platinum is a light grey metal that’s tougher than both silver and gold and is found between silver and nickel. Platinum is precious since it is rare and used in a variety of products. It has distinguishing characteristics that make it highly regarded. Platinum is best recognized for its use in exquisite jewelry. Still, it’s also a unique investment asset with extraordinary physical and catalytic properties that see it used in a wide range of industrial applications. There are only a few platinum mines in North America. South Africa is the main provider of this precious metal with over two-thirds of the supply, while Russia comes second.

So why is platinum valuable in 2021—is it still a safe investment?

Platinum in 2021—the Recent Spike in Value

The price of platinum was around $925 per ounce by the end of 2019. It plummeted just below the $600 mark during the COVID-19 selloff in early 2020, but a rapid and robust return saw platinum not only recoup all of its losses—but also trade beyond $1,000. Platinum was priced at around $300 per ounce in the first few weeks of 2021, continuing the rising trend.

Platinum is currently trading at a significant discount to gold, with prices significantly below recent averages. Furthermore, private investors can also get exposure to platinum through exchange-traded funds readily available in the United States.

Platinum ring

Get Help from a Precious Metal Investment Dealer

Now that you know that platinum has a booming market in 2021 and may continue to linger on top charts—it is time you start investing in precious metals and get platinum ownership.

Orion Metal Exchange is one of the most reliable precious metal companies in Los Angeles, in service for over 50 years now. We’ll help you with your investment in platinum coins or bullion bars—whatever’s best for your precious metal IRA.

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