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Will Gold Ever Lose its Value?

Gold coins and bars

When every market plummets, if there’s one thing that keeps investors afloat is gold. It doesn’t need any introduction; you say the name and see the heads turn. Passed from generation to generation, gold has always been a sign of wealth, prestige and prosperity.

From gold coins to jewelry and gold bars, everyone wants to invest in something made with gold to hold a valuable asset or to diversify their portfolio. But will it ever lose its value? Let’s find out.

Gold, Inflation and Political Instability

While other assets plummet during inflation, gold has a history of holding up well and even thriving during periods of inflation. Most investors turn to gold when stocks and other investments’ value drops due to economic problems and inflation. But it doesn’t mean that gold’s value decreases when the economy starts doing well. Even if it loses value, it’s minimal and recovers quickly.

Precious metals like gold have a stable value which increases over time, and its investors experience a lot of profit in the long run. Besides inflation, gold also offers a lot of convenience during political instability. It is considered a safe haven during an economic or political crisis that insulates investors from financial ruin.

Demand and Supply of Gold

Gold has been around for centuries, and its demand is still strong worldwide. Many people believe that it’s a barbaric relic that doesn’t have the same value as before. However, in traditional markets, the demand for gold keeps increasing.

On the other hand, the supply is getting distinct because no new mines of gold have been discovered over the past few decades. Even if someone discovers a gold mine, the produce isn’t what it used to be. So those who hold gold can generate a good profit from it.

Gold in Today’s Economy

Gold doesn’t back the US dollar anymore, but it’s still important in the modern economy. If you look at the balance sheets of financial organizations and central banks, you’ll see that they own one-fifth supply of gold worldwide. As the new supply becomes extinct, central banks increase their gold reserves. This shows that financial organizations worldwide consider gold a valuable asset for the long term.

Should You Invest in Gold?

Owning a gold bullion bar will always be beneficial over paper currencies. If you have one ounce of gold and $100 in your possession today, in the future, you can buy more stuff with the gold than you can with $100.

If history tells one thing, it’s that gold will always have a significant value that increases over time. However, focusing on one type of investment is risky, so you need to have a diversified portfolio consisting of precious metals, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, etc. So even if one holding loses value, the other will increase to make up for it. Investing in gold is essential because it involves fewer risks and has higher chances of profits than any other investment.

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