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A Brief History of Gold: Discovery, Value, Investment

A Brief History of Gold Discovery, Value, Investment

Gold is considered one of the essential metals due to its economic and historical importance. Economically, it has been a valuable means of trading and payment for thousands of years. Recent decades have seen it used extensively in different industrial applications like electronic equipment, jewelry, and other ornaments. Many people prefer investing in gold since it’s a tangible asset and resists inflation.

It has interesting physical and chemical properties. It is shiny, doesn’t corrode, and is also an excellent conductor.

But how was gold discovered? How did it become so valuable? Why does it still hold so much importance?

Discovery of Gold

Gold was discovered more than five thousand years ago. Gold emerges naturally in its purest form, unlike many other metals, eliminating refining. Approximately 3000 years ago, the lost wax method was employed to manufacture jewelry as a forerunner to current casting procedures. That method is still widely utilized today in the sector of jewelry production.

The Value of Gold

Some claim that gold has no inherent worth, thinking of it as an artifact with little to no financial value. They assert that fiat money is the preferred payment form in today’s economy.

However, many people still see gold as a commodity with numerous intrinsic attributes that distinguish it and make it essential for investors’ portfolios. Historically, it’s always been seen as a valuable item, and it’s still worth a lot more because of its unique features.

Investing in Gold

Gold became universally acknowledged as a good source of payment as civilizations progressed. It’s had a power greater than any other asset on the earth throughout history, and that impact has never vanished.

Many people like to invest in gold due to the same reasons. Its value doesn’t decrease during inflation, and it’s known to provide a hedge against inflation and recession. It’s one of the best investments, and that’s why influential people throughout history were known for their fortunes in gold.

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