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Are Precious Metals Undergoing a ‘Corrective Phase’?

Global financial health and prosperity significantly rely on the value and price of precious metals today. While metals like copper and rhodium have been plummeting for a while, 2020 saw gold skyrocket at unimaginable levels. Silver wasn’t far behind either. In other words, 2020 was a year of glory for gold and silver traders and …

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Making Your Retirement Better by Investing in Precious Metals

Investing in precious metals is safe and secure, especially when the stock market is rough. Experts advice that long-term investments in precious metals is more beneficial as they have less volatility than other forms of investment. If you want to save up for retirement and lead a comfortable life based on your investment returns, there …

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Precious Metals IRAs VS Bullions: Which Is A Better Investment?

The fear of running out of savings and resources is what drives people to strive for a safer and better future. And to achieve a safer future, one looks for the best investment options. An ideal retirement plan consists of the right investments at the right time. The right plan can help you calculate the …

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Reasons to Cash Up on The Silver Supply Crunch

In June 2020, silver prices surged and made it the best performing precious metal in the market. The production of silver metal has been extremely affected by mining suspensions owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Out of all other precious metals, silver has taken the hardest hit and in April 2020, almost 65.8% of yearly global …

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3 Uses for Platinum You Might Not Know About

Platinum is a precious metal that was native to South Americans and transported to Europe in 1750. The name platinum is derived from the Spanish word flattener, which means little silver. The Mayans traditionally used platinum in jewelry as it’s a shiny,  silver-white metal and resistant to corrosion like gold. Here are some facts about …

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Investing in Precious Metals: 2020 Vs. 2021

2020 has been an exciting year for the gold and silver markets. Both precious metals’ prices rallied impressively from being as low as  $1450.90 and $11.74 per ounce to an all-time high across all asset classes.  The top gold and silver IRA companies continued to help investors make the most out of the precious metals’ …

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A Guide to Precious Metals Investment: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

If this is your first time investing in precious metals, here are some mistakes you should try to avoid. 1.   Expecting Quick Cash Investing in precious metals requires time and patience. These investments don’t yield quick revenue, so you shouldn’t invest in them if you’re looking to make fast cash. While gold prices drastically increased …

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The Impact of COVID-19 Vaccine Development on Gold Prices

The COVID-19 outbreak and its consequences have led healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to develop a safe and effective vaccine to eliminate the infection. Fortunately, this worldwide endeavor is now bearing fruit as new companies continue to emerge with their 3-phase studies on their particular vaccines. Among the multiple authorized vaccines under development, Pfizer.Inc and BioNTech …

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Is Gold Performing Better Than Major Currencies of the Worlds?

In 2020, gold was the best performing asset in the world with its highest price at $2000 per ounce. Both serious investors and first-time day traders consider gold a solid investment in case of economic disasters. A survey of 1000 Americans found that one in six people invested in gold or other precious metals while …

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Saving After 40: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

According to research by the National Institute on Retirement Security, over 100 million working-age Americans, which adds up to about 59.3 percent, don’t have any retirement accounts savings. This is alarming for quite a few reasons. But mainly because the earlier you start, the lesser amount goes out of your income toward your savings. But …

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