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Advantages and Disadvantages of IRA Accounts

With the tax season just around the corner, you must be in the process of getting your tax return in order. The deadline for 2022 IRA contributions is also coming up, and you have until the 15th of April to make contributions. In case you have no idea where to start when it comes to IRAs …

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How to Store Gold at Home

Gold is an excellent investment and has been the best store of value for centuries. Gold is a valuable asset and can be stored in various ways. But while there are many ways to keep gold at home for protection, not all are good. It’s a well-known fact that all valuables should be stored in …

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How to Test Gold – 3 Simple Ways to Spot Fake Gold

In the past, gold testing has been a slow and expensive process. However, with advances in technology and the introduction of new methods, testing gold purity has become much easier and more affordable. Such as, gold is stamped with the karat weight or purity of the gold, as well as the manufacturer’s name to make …

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5 Basic Facts to Know About IRAs

An IRA is one of the best ways to secure your post-retirement life. Over 60 million taxpayers in the United States own an IRA account. The value of the national IRA account of the United States was estimated to be around 19.29 trillion US dollars in 2020. Taxpayers with an IRA get about 2–4 percent of this amount …

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Why Are Countries Increasing Their Gold Reserves?

Countries across the globe are bolstering their gold reserves. As of September-2021, sovereign gold reserve holdings continued to surge, with Kazakhstan, Russia, and Turkey spearheading the charge. But it’s not just these nations that seem to be proactively diversifying into gold — many others are also surging the yellow metal into their reserves. From China …

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Is the Earth Running Out of Gold?

Gold has been used for millennia, and with all the ongoing mining globally, it would be strange to believe that the reserves of this precious metal will never be depleted. There will come a time when the world will run out of gold. The question is, how far is that time? What Makes Gold Precious? …

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What Metals Cannot Be Detected by a Metal Detector?

A metal detector is an electromagnetic device that you can use to find metals. Metal detectors are widely used, especially in industrial and commercial spaces. People also use metal detectors as a fun activity to detect hidden metals and rarely precious metals. What Metals Can a Metal Detector Detect? There’s a list of metals and alloys that a metal …

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The History of the Gold American Buffalo Coin

Ever wondered what an American gold buffalo coin is? Below, you can find everything you need to know about the coin and its history. History The American Buffalo Gold Coin, often known as a Gold Buffalo, was the very first pure 24-karat gold coin created by the mint for sale to the general public. It …

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Can Gold Be Destroyed?

Many great civilizations have used gold for trade and commerce. A study suggests more than 190,000 thousand tons of gold have been excavated over the years, making it an incredible financial asset. Even though gold is renowned for its investment purposes, it’s also famous for its remarkable physical characteristics. Gold is malleable and a great …

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How to Test The Quality Platinum?

It is mandatory to test precious metals to determine their quality and worth. Out of all metals, platinum can be easily confused with other metals like silver, white gold, or palladium. If you’re investing in platinum, here’s how you can distinguish it: Visual Features    The first thing to look for in your platinum is …

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