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A precious metal bullion coin

Why Is Palladium More Expensive Than Gold?

When you think of the most expensive metal, gold might come to your mind, Right? Well, the truth is, it’s not. Gold is quite expensive, but in the recent decade, Palladium has overperformed gold and has become the most expensive precious metal in the investment market. Palladium is another metal that is considered a great investment option …

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A silver bullion bar

5 Surprising Facts About Silver You Might Not Have Known

Silver is a noble metal like gold and platinum. Although cheaper than other noble metals, investors believe silver investing can protect against rising inflation. You can also store silver in a silver IRA account by contacting a silver IRA company. What makes it so valuable is its amazing properties and practical uses. Let’s go over some interesting …

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An image of a coin

Is Palladium Worth Investing in?

With notable stock markets such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average performing poorly, investors worried about the economy are looking for ways to hedge inflation and diversify their investments. One investment metal that doesn’t get the popularity it deserves is palladium. Learn why it needs to be on your investment radar and how you can …

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An irregular shaped piece of Platinum

What You Should Know Before Investing In Platinum

If you’re looking for ways to earn extra income, consider investing. It’s a great way to increase your asset value, save up for retirement and have money during rainy days. You have the option to invest in stocks and dividends, but you can also choose to make investments in precious metals like gold, silver, or …

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Back side of the American Eagle Gold Coin

Best Gold Coins to Invest in the Year 2022

Investing in gold is an excellent way of protecting your wealth and diversifying your investment portfolio. This is because gold works as a hedge against inflation, so when the other markets are crashing, gold will gain value. There are multiple ways of investing in gold. You can purchase gold funds, open a gold IRA, buy …

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gold and platinum coins over a graph

Gold Vs. Platinum Investment: Which One Is Better?

According to economists, the US might be moving towards another recession in the years to come. If no preparation is done, you may have to deal with high inflation costs and depreciating currency which can cause multiple issues if you’re not prepared. Are you looking for investment options to keep your money safe during these tough …

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Person in black coat wearing a mask

How Did Precious Metals Perform During the Pandemic

Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium have always been popular among investors. Owing to its stable nature and long-term profitability, investing in precious metals helps investors safeguard their fiat currency in times of uncertainty. As was the case during the 2008 financial crisis, precious metals also saw an upward trajectory during the pandemic. …

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A ring made up of precious metal

Why is Platinum So Valuable?

Platinum is one of the few metals that stands above gold when it comes to pricing. Also termed a noble metal, it has a light gray appearance and is more durable than gold and silver. Nearly two-thirds of the platinum supply comes from South Africa and Russia. It is one of the most widely-sought precious …

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Platinum bars

Platinum Investments Explained

People usually look into investing in precious metals to keep their money safe since precious metals act as a hedge against inflation. However, whenever precious metal investments are brought up, most people think about gold or silver. Another precious metal that has the potential for a high return on investment is platinum. If you’re new to precious …

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A silver coin made by the US

3 Ways To Buy And Sell Silver

Are you trying to think of a different investment option? You can choose either traditional forms of investment such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, while you can also make investments in precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Investors like silver investing as the metal doesn’t lose its value and protect a person’s investment …

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