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A bunch of Gold and Silver coins placed on a table

8 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Metal Exchange Company

As the economy is drastically changing, most people are turning to safer investment options to maintain their lifestyles and shield their assets from any economic crisis. Asset diversification is often the first move investors make to increase their profits in the long run. Diversifying your portfolio isn’t a simple task. Most investors diversify their holdings to avoid …

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Silver coins

6 Factors that Influence the Price of Silver

Silver is a valuable precious metal with strong historical importance. Although not as valuable as gold, this stunning white metal has a good demand due to its rarity and wide range of industrial uses. Understanding the factors that influence its price will help make better decisions when investing in silver. Here are the six factors …

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Silver coins on a glossy surface.

A Beginner’s Guide For Silver Trading

Are you thinking of investing in/trading any precious metal? Are you confused about which precious metal to start with? Silver can be a sound investment option if you’re a first-time investor/trader. Silver’s wide range of applications is one of the key factors influencing its growth outlook. Silver is used in ornaments, solar panels, mirrors, dental …

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A phone and monitor displaying stock market information

Mutual Funds vs. Precious Metals: Which is Safer?

It’s never too early to think about building your long-term wealth. The earlier you start, the more you’ll learn about how to invest in a way that maximizes your capital gains. But where should you invest your hard-earned savings? Two of the most popular investment vehicles you can put your money into are mutual funds and precious …

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A professional explaining the trends of the stock market to a client

5 Types Of Investments For Beginners

Nowadays, investors are turning to safe investment options to protect their holdings from a financial crisis. Therefore, finding an ideal way to protect your assets and savings is best. Investing in different commodities is one of the best ways to safeguard your earnings. Although many investment options are available today, including sureties, bonds, IRAs, and …

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3 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Precious Metals

Picture this. You overhear someone at a party say they invested in precious metals recently and earned almost $1,000 in their gold and silver IRA. You’ve been thinking about investing in precious metals for a while, so you look up the best gold investment companies in the area before picking one and dialing their number. …

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A half-ounce gold coin

The Short-term Benefits of Investing in Gold Coins

Have you ever seen the movie “The Italian Job?” It’s about a group of bank robbers that steal millions of dollars worth of gold bars. One gold bar typically weighs about 400 troy ounces—which is the equivalent of more than $744,000 per bar according to the latest gold prices. That might not seem much if …

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A bar of gold

How Does the Weight of a Precious Metal Relate to its Value?

It’s tempting to think every precious metal has a straightforward relationship with its value—but nothing could be further from the truth! Each precious metal has a unique relationship with its value determined by its purity. If you’re wondering how the relationship between weight and value differs with each precious metal’s purity, read on!Here’s a look …

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A bar of palladium

The Investment Potential of Palladium

If you asked the average joe what they considered the most expensive precious metal, chances are they’d say gold. But did you know palladium is even more expensive? It costs more than $2,400 for a troy ounce compared to $1,700 for gold and is 30 times rarer! But is palladium a worthwhile investment for the future? …

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A black envelope containing US bank notes

Fiat Money vs. Gold: Which One Should You Hold?

Did you know that the US dollar used to be tied to the value of gold (known as the “gold standard”)? In 1933, the government stopped using the gold standard and decided to set the value of money on its own to control the economy. That’s where the term “fiat money” comes from—“Fiat” is the …

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