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A senior citizen holding IRA withdrawal amount

3 IRA Myths Debunked

Planning for the future can be tough due to its uncertainty. If you’re planning to save for the long run, it’s best to set up an individual retirement account (IRA). An IRA is a saving account that offers tax advantages and helps you save for your retirement. You can put any investment in an IRA, …

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Person looking for a precious metals dealer online to open an IRA account.

Ways To Include Gold in Retirement Plans

After seeing retirees lose trillions in the recent stock sell-off, investors are turning their attention toward gold. The metal is a great investment for any retirement account and offers the stability that people need to grow their nest eggs.  With volatility expected to keep on rising, gold investments can help you maintain a good standard of living …

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A person analyzing gold and silver.

Gold vs Silver: Which Metal is Ideal for Long-term Investment?

The popularity of precious metals has risen in recent years due to a series of events. Countries all over the globewere already struggling to recover from the pandemic when Russia decided to invade Ukraine. This led to an increase in energy prices that affected consumers badly. The situation prompted investors to look for precious metals that offer …

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Different sized and shaped gold coins.

Long Term Investment Options in 2022

Most people may think about investing in precious metals, buying shares, exchange-traded funds (EFTs), bonds, or mutual funds. Some investors may even consider investing in metal EFTs as an indirect way to invest in platinum, gold, silver, or other precious metals. In contrast, others consider buying stocks for mining companies. However, you may want to avoid …

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Silver coins and bars

Precious Metal Investment Guide for Beginners

As per the last reported figures in 2020, the production of the precious metal in the U.S. surpassed 1,100 tons. Gold, the most sought-after element, was produced in the highest amount, closely followed by other precious metals. For various reasons, investing in precious metals has become a popular choice among Americans in recent years. If you’re …

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A stack of gold bullion ingots

Can Gold Be Destroyed?

Among the elements, gold is among the few metals shown to be the most durable. It can be seen by looking at historical artifacts like the Mycenaean brooch, which dates back to 2000 BC. Its durability is one of the few reasons investors make gold investments. Even though it is a durable metal, a person …

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A person selecting a retirement plan

“4” Unique Investment Strategies For Retirement

Smart workers start thinking about retirement when they begin their careers. One of the most crucial moments of your life is to pick a retirement strategy. Most people find it exhausting to find the perfect solution as it’s not easy to prepare for retirement. The initial step is to calculate how much revenue you’ll have in …

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A graph showing the trend of prices for platinum and palladium

How were the Platinum and Palladium Markets Affected by the Pandemic?

COVID-19’s effects still haunt businesses and the world economy. One of the safe investment options during these testing times was precious metals. Gold and silver acted as a hedge against the crumbling economy and rising inflation, but how were other precious metal markets affected? In this blog, let’s take a look at how the pandemic …

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A clean silver necklace kept in a gift box

DIY Silver Cleaning: A Complete Guide

Do you own any silver? It’s one of the noble metals which investors use to protect against inflation. Buying silver can offer an inflation hedge. You can easily buy silver from a precious metals investment dealer or store it in a silver IRA account. Owning silvers has benefits, but you have to deal with a few …

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A person searching for a precious metals dealer online.

Investment Options for Retirement You Need to Explore

Many Americans work their entire lives tirelessly, looking forward to the day they will retire from their long careers. They finally get the freedom from routine work tasks and spend time on things they enjoy, taking up hobbies or traveling the world.  However, social security will barely be enough to meet your expenses. This is why …

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