An image of a hand casting a ballot in a box against the backdrop of the US flag

Explaining Palladium’s Performance Post-Election

The US elections are known for wreaking havoc in markets not only in the US, but globally. Amidst the chaos, one commodity has been dubbed the precious metal of the year: palladium. Here’s our take on palladium, and its incredible performance this year. What Is Palladium? Commonly known as a sister-metal of platinum, this shiny …

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Family caregivers

Will Biden’s Revised Retirement Plans Affect Your Savings?

Living through a pandemic and still saving up for retirement seems like an uphill battle. The lockdowns and mass unemployment have resulted in a 55% rise in a lower standard of living in retirement for family members between 30 and 59. Here’s how the new US President, Joe Biden, intends on making both ends meet:  …

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Gold bars and coins

Have the US Elections Affected Gold Prices This Year?

The U.S. presidential elections play a significant role in deciding the future of the world’s largest economy for the next four years at least. The fluctuations in the dollar rate influence the global financial market as well as the metals market. But the question of the hour is, does it make a difference to the …

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A circuit board with microchips and silver components

Silver: More Than Just A Shiny Trinket

For centuries, silver has been an incredibly useful and precious metal. Many people wear silver jewelry, which is one of the most obvious and popular uses of silver. But many are still unaware of the industrial uses of silver. Here are a few of them. Cars and Electronic Devices More than 36 million ounces of …

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a stack of shiny gold Bullions with their branding on it

Physical Gold Vs. Digital Gold

Whenever the stock market goes down, investors rush to the gold market because they expect it to rise. For instance, this year, as stocks across the board crashed due to the pandemic, gold prices rose by 28%. Another great thing about investing in gold is that you have options. For instance, the choice between digital …

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Platinum Rings

Things You Need to Know Before Investing in Platinum

There’s more to precious metals than just gold and silver; there’s platinum too. At one point in history, platinum was sold at rates twice that of gold, but it now trades at a relatively lower rate. So is now a good time to invest in it at a discount? Here’s the beginner’s guide for understanding …

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An image of growing coins, as investment returns grow

Factors That Affect Gold Consumption Patterns Around the World

Gold has held the fascination of human societies since the beginning of time. As metals, gold and silver, universally hold different intrinsic values for people for a myriad of reasons. They’re considered a symbol of wealth, have notions of religious and cultural values attached to them, and can be used for the purposes of financial …

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Visionary picture of an old couple after retirement

Roth IRAs Vs. Traditional IRAs: The Difference Lies in The Taxes

This pandemic has taught us that no matter where we are in our life, it can catch us off guard. As such, planning for the future today must be a priority. Your investment goals and objectives determine whether an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)is a better option for you. IRAs are tax-advantaged vehicles designed for long-term …

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All types of coins

Precious Metals in an Unprecedented Year: The Definitive Guide for 2020 and Beyond

With more than 71.6 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, including over 1.6 million deaths, reported to WHO over the year, the bitter-sweet 2020 comes to an end. COVID-19 has uprooted everything worldwide,prompting changes in economies, geopolitics, and industrial spheres. Volatile projected GDPs,uncertain global economic growth rates, low-interest rates, a distrust of fiat currencies—especially the US dollar, …

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Christmas décor complete with Christmas tree and ornaments, wreath, and presents

Surprise Your Spouse with A Shiny Christmas Present

The most beautiful thing about gifting a loved one a precious metal is that it’s not just a gift—it’s a gift of increasing wealth. That’s why we’ve put together some precious metal-related gift ideas to make your holiday shopping easier. Bronze Bronze is a mixture of two metals: copper and tin. The two metals combine …

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