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An illustration of two palladium bars

The Historic Value of Palladium as an Investment

You might have heard about gold and silver as crucial precious metal investments to attain increased profits in the future. While gold is considered the king of all precious metals, there’s a member in this family that outweighs its market value called palladium. It’s a rare precious metal found in only four regions worldwide. Its increasing value …

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What Do You Need to Prepare for Your Retirement?

Retirement planning can be a daunting task. As retirement approaches, you ponder over your daily life routine post-retirement and your finances to live out the rest of your life with convenience. The average age for retirement in the United States is 62. So, if you’re approaching the age where you bid farewell to work, make …

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How is an IRA Beneficial Post-Retirement

There’s been a general increase in the demand for retirement funds, particularly in youth looking to start their investment early. Millennials who have started early are now saving at almost the same rate as the people from Gen-X. However, with less awareness about key retirement investments like mutual funds of precious metal IRA, the retirement fund …

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A stack of silver and gold bullion bars

Solid Gold Investment: Things to Consider

Gold is a safe investment. About 12% of Americans own gold in one of its forms. One of the benefits of owning gold is that it can be invested in various ways. While you can attain ownership certificates for gold or order the precious metal commodity for future trades, the best and the most ancient way …

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Answering 5 FAQs About Gold and Silver Investments

So you’ve decided to embark on a journey to become an investor. Investing is a smart strategy to supplement your income, save for retirement, and help with unforeseen expenses. Even though it might help you increase your capital, it also comes with a lot of risks. As the cost of raw resources rises, inflation leads to …

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A person ready to invest their money in gold and silver investments

Investing In Today’s World: What Did We Learn From The Pandemic?

The global wave of the novel COVID-19 pandemic had an adverse affect on several financial sectors and economies worldwide. The economy of the United States suffered greatly from the pandemic, as the market shrank a devastating 31.4% in the second quarter of 2020. While the economies went in turmoil, some commodities like gold and silver investment saw their …

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Experts Tips to Diversify Your Portfolio Effectively

There are several factors that make the investment market a vulnerable platform. This vulnerability often causes the market to plummet, causing the value of certain assets to take a drastic nosedive. This can result in losses if a person has all his investments in that asset. This is why experts strengthen the stability of their portfolios by …

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A person looking at the stock market trends on a laptop

4 Types of Investments for Beginners

The stock market and several other categories of assets have been booming recently—and with the threat of inflation lurking, you must begin to explore your options for investment. We understand that you may find the world of investments too broad and complex to understand. With so many options on the charts, including stocks, bonds, or …

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency has become a common phenomenon among investors worldwide. After being invented in 2009 by a group of unidentified people, the digital currency quickly made its way to the top, seeking the interest of many seasoned investors and entrepreneurs worldwide. The boost in industrialization has given room for digital transactions, fueling the need for crypto. However, …

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Gold Futures vs. Gold ETF: Which One to Choose

Gold is often the go-to investment option for investors worldwide, typically when the economy hints at a potential fall. The recent surges in the value of gold amidst a declining economy have made this precious metal investment eye candy for seasoned investors. This is due to gold’s nature of acting inversely to the currency market. Gold as an …

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