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Investing in Precious Metals Guarantees Long-Term Returns

3 Facts About Gold Bars You Didn’t Know

Investing in gold bars is a popular strategy that can improve your finances, especially when inflation rates rise. Many people are enthusiastic about storing gold bars in banks and their homes, making it possible to increase their wealth over time. These bars are often preferred over bullion coins because they are easier to manufacture and …

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A simple platinum ring.

3 Qualities of Platinum

Platinum is a popular choice for jewelry and is often preferred over other precious metals like silver and gold for different reasons. Many people choose platinum engagement rings because it is a valuable and attractive metal that is highly durable and easy to shape into various forms. You may be wondering what qualities of platinum …

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how to take advantage of tax brackets with precious metals?

How to Take Advantage of Tax Breakups with Precious Metals

Are you an investor in the US looking to invest in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium? It may sound like a great idea up front, but when it comes time to sell your precious metal and pay taxes, you might find yourself under heat. According to the Us Internal Revenue Service (IRS), …

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top 5 gold-producing countries

Top 5 Gold-Producing Countries

The countries where most of the world’s gold is mined and produced are not necessarily the same countries where most gold is bought and consumed. In recent history, South Africa has been the largest producer of gold in the entire world. In fact, South Africa held this title until 2006 and was at its peak in …

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creative ideas for storing gold

Creative Ideas to Store Gold in Your Home

Given just how valuable and expensive gold is, it must be stored in a safe and secure place that ensures that it does not get damaged or stolen but is still easily accessible to you. If you are looking for creative ideas to store gold in your home – other than just keeping it in a safe …

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Will gold lose its charm in the future?

Will Gold Lose Its Charm in the Future?

Throughout recent history, gold has been considered one of – if not the most – reliable and enduring commodities to invest in. Despite any kind of inflation, fluctuations in the US dollar, and economic downturns or recessions, gold was the thing that kept investors protected. But is investing in gold the same as it was …

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the positives and risks associated with investing in platinum

Investing in Platinum: Positives and Risks

As is the case with any kind of investment – be it in precious metals or stocks and bonds – certain positives and risks need to be considered. If you’ve got some money set aside that you want to invest and grow, you might want to consider investing in platinum as a way to safeguard …

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silver isn’t just used in jewelry and adornments

4 Uses of Silver You Didn’t Know About

Silver is a strong and beautiful metal, and many of us love wearing sterling silver jewelry to tie together our appearances. However, did you know that silver has been mined and used for thousands of years for more than just its appeal as jewelry and adornment? Let’s take a look at 4 uses of silver …

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Gold investment companies

3 Reasons to Invest in Rare Gold Coins

The rare coin market has improved drastically over the years. Today, the rare the coin, the more value it holds. A rare gold coin can add diversity to your portfolio that currently focuses on bonds and stocks. It will help provide long-term gains. However, it is not recommended for short-term profits. With the rise of the …

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Investing in precious metals

Why Investing in a Precious Metals IRA Is a Wise Move

A precious metals IRA is one of the smartest ways to secure retirement, build your investment portfolio or diversify your existing solid asset base. This self-directed individual retirement account allows you to invest in cryptocurrency, precious metals, real estate, and much more. Similar to the standard IRA you get from your employer, in a precious …

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