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Silver coins laid out on a desk

8 Things to Know Before Investing in Silver

Like gold, people invest in silver to earn a profit over it or utilize it in their jewelry, tableware or coins. Silver is less pricey than gold, but it shares the same features as other precious metals, such as low price volatility, hedge against inflation, easy accessibility, etc. If you’re also planning to invest in …

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A person is doing market analysis before investment

How to Make Informed Investing Decisions

Investments are an essential part of everyone’s financial goals, but they require wise and informed decisions. While it may be tempting to buy multiple shares impulsively, you may end up losing all your money if the stock value declines. As a trusted gold investment company, we have shared some insights to make better investment decisions …

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Gold coins and bars

Will Gold Ever Lose its Value?

When every market plummets, if there’s one thing that keeps investors afloat is gold. It doesn’t need any introduction; you say the name and see the heads turn. Passed from generation to generation, gold has always been a sign of wealth, prestige and prosperity. From gold coins to jewelry and gold bars, everyone wants to invest …

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Stock market analysis on a laptop screen

Stocks or Precious Metals – Which is Better for Investment?

Stocks are powerful wealth-builders that offer high RoI (returns on investment) to the investors over time, but they also go down ways when the company isn’t performing well. Investing in gold or other precious metals allows you to own a permanent store of value, but they’re tangible and need extra security. Below we have discussed the pros …

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Post COVID-19 Scenario: The Value of Precious Metals for a Successful Retirement Plan

COVID wreaked havoc all around the globe. The markets and economies have still not fully recovered from the losses even after 2 years of the pandemic striking. When things are tough in stock markets, many investors turn to safe-haven assets such as precious metals. While silver, gold, platinum, and palladium are all vulnerable to volatility, most people believe they …

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Stacked gold coins

Best Storage Options for Solid Precious Metal Assets

When investing in precious metals, you’re faced with multiple choices to choose your kind of investment. This decision depends on several factors, including your investment goals, your risk tolerance, and secure gold and silver storage. Precious metals are important assets that are high in value. It’s natural for owners and investors to share concerns about their safety. …

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a platinum bullion

Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Platinum

Platinum offers the kind of investment longevity that a diversified portfolio seeks, facilitated by both long and short-term demand determinants. According to the World Platinum Investment Council, platinum is an exceptional portfolio diversifier when it comes to tangible assets. Many investors aren’t familiar with the return on investments that platinum offers as a metal 30 times …

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A person looking at the stock market trends on a laptop

How Does the Stock Market Operate? A Short Insight

Does the stock market and investing in it seem overwhelming to you? Don’t worry because you’re not alone in this. The fear of the stock market is so common among Americans that it’s been studied as anxiety in the past. In truth, investments like stock markets and precious metal investments can be confusing but easy to grasp …

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A series of gold bars in every size

An Investor’s Guide for Precious Metal IRA

The stock market is susceptible to failure and temporary crashes. These crashes may be short but may cause devastating losses in an unbalanced investment portfolio. This is why when the market hints at a failure, investors turn towards precious metal investment. What are Precious Metals Precious metals are rare special commodities. The prices of these …

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A pile of gold and silver coins placed on a table

7 Important Facts to Know About IRA

IRA or Individual Retirement Account is a savings fund that individuals access throughout their working life for a comfortable retirement. About 60 million Americans are estimated to have an IRA. These people manage to save an average of 158,300 US dollars on a 10 to 19 year held IRA. People contribute to IRA in various ways, including …

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