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Detailed Guide to Investing in Silver

Silver is a very popular investment option; people have been investing in it and trading it for years. It is currently trading at $18.72 per ounce in the United States. This makes it one of the most affordable precious metals you can invest in! Silver has a wide range of applications in multiple industries these days. …

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How to Choose a Reliable Precious Metal Commercial Depository

Last year, there was an investment scandal in Germany where investors entrusted a relatively unknown precious metal depository with precious metal worth over 45 million. The company was soon unreachable after the deposit, making it one of the biggest scams of recent times. Choosing the right depository to store your precious metals is very important. With …

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What Is Stagflation and Why Is It Concerning?

The word stagflation was first introduced when British politician Iain Macleod spoke at the House of Commons in 1965 to address a slow economic and low employment rate situation. Slower economic growth, increased unemployment, and higher prices make up stagflation. According to economic theory, these things shouldn’t be combined. Prices shouldn’t increase as people’s disposable …

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The Easiest Way to Buy Gold and Precious Metals

Due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, global supply chains have been disrupted, leading to shortage in supply and increasing inflation. When there’s economic uncertainty, the best way to protect your assets and savings is to invest in precious metals. In the past, very few investments have competed with gold as an efficient …

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How to Plan for Your Retirement in 2023

When you retire from the workforce, you no longer have a monthly income to pay your expenses. This is where retirement funds come in handy. However, experts predict a major recession in the near future. The inflation and economic crisis have worsened, and people saving up for retirement have suffered an astounding loss of almost …

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Ways Gold Savings Can Benefit Your Children and Family

The best way to safeguard your children and their future as a parent is to invest in financial commodities and instruments that will grow. When investing for your children, keep in mind the investment’s time horizon and purpose. For the longer term, we suggest learning about good gold investment companies before investing. Gold has been around for …

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How Russia’s Gas Cut-off Will Impact Countries and How Gold Can Help

Recently, the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which runs from Russia to northeastern Germany, was damaged, plunging Europe into a deeper energy crisis. While the continent has lofty renewable energy targets, it still relies on gas from countries such as Russia to power its housing and industrial infrastructure. Learn about the impact of the gas cut-off on the …

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Precious Metal Rollover IRA Explained

An IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a retirement plan for individuals to save for the future when they retire from the workforce. The IRA was essentially designed for self-employed people since they don’t have 401(K) access as it’s only available through an employer. A traditional IRA only lets individuals store stocks, bonds, cash, or ETFs …

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How Precious Metal Investments Are a Better Investment Option for Retirement than the Stock Market

When it comes to retirement planning, people need to do a lot of homework. They need to study the options that are available to them to invest their money successfully without taking on too much risk. Here are some reasons why precious metals are a better retirement option than the stock market. Reasons Why the …

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Factors that Will Affect Inflation in The Future

The biggest issue in the world right now is soaring inflation. When prices of everyday items like grocery rise, the purchasing power of people gets affected as their wages stay the same. It also becomes a huge financial concern if a person is planning on retiring soon or saving up money for something important like …

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