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3 Ways To Refine Your Portfolio

The pandemic this year cost the US stock market three years of profits in just the first month. This had huge implications for investors across the board. A majority of US citizens have some investment in the market. It’s been an unprecedented year for the overall economy and an eye-opener for investors who’re now looking …

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3 Things To Know About Opening A Precious Metals IRA

Is your current investment portfolio enough to deal with the impending financial crisis? Some financial experts have predicted that the next crisis will be much bigger than the one in 2008. According to a 2019 survey by the National Association for Business Economics, 72% of economists have predicted that a recession would occur in the …

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Retirement Accounts for Immigrants

For American residents, retirement saving often seems like a natural process. But for immigrants, this process is a lot more difficult. And there are a lot of factors that contribute to this. Retirement Resources  According to the US Social Security Administration, comparing the retirement resources of immigrants and natives gives us a fair idea of …

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Republican Vs. Democratic Governments: Your Vote Affected Your Precious Metals Investments

Historically, the US Presidential Election has always affected markets, both domestically and globally. This is largely due to a change in fiscal policy when leaders change. But it’s always hard to predict exactly how the precious metals market will react to a new Commander in Chief. Historical Patterns On the surface, we find very little …

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Tracing the Origins of The Gold Market

There are several theories about gold’s origins. The most popular one is that it literally fell from the sky as a result of exploding stars. Inca lore says it’s the sweat or tears of the sun god Inti. Or perhaps it’s just a product of Midas and his golden touch. Regardless of how it was …

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A small metal briefcase holding bundles of dollars

Individual IRAs Vs. Spousal IRAs

Congress introduced IRAs in 1974 to reduce people’s dependence on government programs and company pensions. They’re a great way to minimize taxes and a great investment opportunity as well. Spousal IRAs are not a different type, but rather an exception to the IRS’s Traditional or Roth IRA requirements. Here’s what you need to know about …

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When Is The World Likely To Run Out Of Gold

Even though gold is found in the earth’s crust, it wasn’t, in fact, created there. It’s extra-terrestrial. It got there through cataclysmic stellar explosions called supernovae. This means that more reserves aren’t being created—at least not on our planet.  Gold is found mixed with other metals, or occasionally as a nugget. The biggest nugget ever …

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3 Reasons To Invest In A Vault Storage Service

Investors rely on precious metals to get them through unstable economic times, and as a general hedge against the market volatility of other investment options. However, when you buy gold and silver bullion bars, you can’t just casually keep them in your dresser drawer—and for more reasons than just safety. Here are a few reasons …

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IRAs vs. HSAs: The Better Strategy

An Investment Retirement Account and Health Savings Account are both established at financial institutions, but they have their differences. Here’s a helpful guide to educate you about the pros and cons of each account type:  Investment Retirement Account (IRA) An account that aims to help consumers set aside a considerable amount for retirement using a …

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Race and Retirement: How to Not Lose Out

As many as 60 percent Hispanic, 54 percent Black and 48 percent white households in the US are at risk of not being able to withhold their current living standard after leaving the workforce. Additionally, the ongoing pandemic has made it tougher to accumulate retirement savings. While the unemployment rate increased across the board, the …

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