Incorporating Alternative Assets into Your Current IRA Strategy

People refer to their post-retirement life as their ‘golden years’ for a reason. It’s when we finally put the worries of adult life behind us and set out to do everything we always wished we could. Retirement dreams are different for every individual. For some, they involve buying a nice little cottage by the riverside …

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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Precious Metals

There are many potential benefits of investing in precious metals. They allow you to diversify your investment portfolio; they give you an opportunity to enjoy steady profits without unnecessary risks. Moreover, their tangibility gives investors an added sense of security. Like us, many people believe that investing in precious metals is a great step toward …

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Gold or Platinum: Which Has Greater Potential for Profit?

Gold and platinum differ in quality and features but are both known as the most precious metals in the world. Every year, a total of 3200 tons of gold is produced in countries around the world, while platinum mainly comes from Russia and South Africa and its production is limited to 250 tons a year. Besides …

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5 Key Reasons You Should Invest in a Home Safe for Your Precious Metals

Gold, platinum and silver derive their value from their rarity. They’re known as precious metals because only a small amount of these minerals is produced every year. There’s no feeling like the one you get when you hold a gold coin in your hand. Similarly, the financial benefits of investing in these metals are also unparalleled. …

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Investing In Precious Metals For Your Retirement Plan

Here is how to plan for your retirement by investing in precious metals:

Different Types of Individual Retirement Accounts— Which One's for You?

As our golden years approach and we grow older and weaker, our expenses also begin mounting; most of these are medical expenses. According to a study by Harvard, per person medical care expenses for a senior citizen are roughly $18000 per year, whereas the same for a child are around $3000. This shows that our medical …

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Gold Coins as a Hedge Against Inflation: How Does It Work?

No matter how stable the economy of a country is, there is always some chance of a sudden upheaval. A good example of this is what happened in 2008. All the financial markets in the US sleepwalked into a fully fledged global crisis, at a time when almost no one expected it to happen. In order to …

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A Step by Step Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver Through an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Over its history, gold has taken a myriad of forms and played a number of roles. It’s a marker of wealth, a unit of value, a special ornament, a good conductor of electricity, and most importantly, a way to ensure a financially secure future for your retirement years. For something that’s as precious and expensive …

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A Guide To Investing In Precious Metals

Here is a guide to investing in precious metals:

3 Benefits Which Make Investing in Precious Metals an Excellent Choice for Your Retirement Plan

Up until they reach retirement age, most people are constantly on the run. We work round the clock and struggle to maintain a work-life balance, we try to save enough to get married in an amazing location, we give our children the best education we can, and buy a house for our families. But in …

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