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Benefits of Gold in a Retirement Plan

The number of Americans who invest in a financial plan for a comfortable post-retirement life has increased over the years. Today, about 56% of the working class is enrolled in a retirement plan. 77% of these workers are saving their funds through employer-sponsored retirement funds. Another kind of investment often discussed for a safe retirement is investing in …

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Why Do You Need Reliable Precious Metal Storage?

People who invest in gold and silver need to keep their newly purchased assets safe and secure. Given their high worth, choosing secure gold and silver storage for your precious metal assets might be a difficult decision. But the choice doesn’t have to be tough. There are several factors that investors must consider before choosing the right kind of storage. They …

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Silver Bullion Coins or Bars: Which is Better?

Investing in precious metals has been historically perceived as a sound investment, especially in an unstable economy. While gold investment is a popular choice for investors, silver is also considered a great option due to its low cost and high usage. Why Invest in Silver? Silver investing is a smart choice due to its ability to retain its value even in …

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The Value of Gold Through Global Economic Crises

For decades, investing in gold has been widely considered as protection against economic crises and inflation. This is because there aren’t many investment options that perform as well as gold does when the economy is unstable. This isn’t just a prediction on paper but a product of years of research and close inspection of how gold behaves when a crisis hits. …

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Stacked Gold assets of bullion bars and coins

Gold Bullion Bars vs. Coins: What to Invest in

Most Americans are interested in investing for a sustainable future. According to statistics, about 58 percent of households across the country own at least one stock market share. Along with stock bonds, people also invest in gold to make money and secure their investors’ portfolios for the future. Ways to Buy Gold There are several ways to …

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Platinum vs. Palladium: What to Invest in

When it comes to investing in precious metals or buying bullion bars and coins, most people think of silver and gold.  Both of them are globally popular for possession and investment. However, there are other precious metals that are rarely talked about yet incredibly valuable. These include platinum and palladium. Platinum–what is it? Platinum is a valuable metal largely …

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Investor’s Tips for a Successful Silver Investment

Silver is a precious metal widely perceived as an alternate investment to regular assets such as stock bonds. Investors adopt silver investing as a safe haven against inflation. It’s also a vital investment tool when economic circumstances are rough, and as a countermeasure, the government is actively printing money. This increase in currency results in more money in circulation …

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Freshly produced bars of solid gold

4 Things to Consider before Investing in Gold

Who hasn’t wanted to have plenty of gold bullion bars and coins to their name? However, the reality can often be disappointing. An investor can’t store so much solid gold in one place. Even if it were possible, it wouldn’t be a smart move. But that doesn’t mean one can’t own as much gold as they …

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The Advantages of Traditional IRA Accounts

According to statistics, an average American lives up to 20 more years after retirement. This is why you need to make plans for a stress-free post-retirement life. An average man in the United States has about 118,000 US dollars saved at the time of retirement. This number can be increased with smart investments and saving plans like …

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A Brief Account on Roth IRA: Pros and Cons

Taxes are inevitable and play a crucial part in most financial decisions. People think about taxes when choosing a house to live in or a car to drive. They also affect your future choices, like whether to invest in precious metals, stocks, or other exchange funds as part of your retirement plans. People search for …

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