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Things to Consider Before Working with a Precious Metals Exchange

Precious metals were acknowledged as a true treasure and a means of exchanging value for centuries. This is specifically relevant in the case of precious metals like silver and gold. Precious metals are just too costly to function as modern currency owing to their scarcity, yet precious metal investments are highly common and are employed …

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Prediction for Platinum Prices

Will Platinum Prices Go Up Next Year? 5 Factors Explained

The price of a troy ounce of platinum on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) had been as high as $1064.30. Many precious metals exchange companies fear that the prices will reach new heights in the near future. Will Platinum Prices Go Up Next Year? Future contracts whose value is tied to the price of …

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precious metals exchange

Alternate Investments for Stock Market Investors

Since the dawn of civilization, people have invested in precious metals like gold and silver. Experts in economics and finance maintain that precious metals are still one of the safest investments you can make. So, should you open a gold IRA or look for other alternative investments? Let’s take a look at some of the …

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Central banks Adding Gold

Why Central banks are Adding Gold

Gold’s attractiveness has remained steady throughout the centuries. This year central banks are expected to be net buyers of gold. Gold has long been a crucial part of governments’ financial reserves. About one-fifth of all the gold ever mined is currently stored in central banks, which amounts to 35,000 metric tonnes. Central Banks are Amassing …

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credit cards are harming your savings

Americans Continue to Pay for Inflation with Credit Cards

A recession is coming, which is why now is a good time to open a silver IRA. Precious metals act as a hedge against inflation, and as interest rates are skyrocketing, you need to safeguard your savings with something stable like a precious metals exchange-traded fund or an IRA. Americans are using their credit cards …

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Buying Silver

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Author Says Buy Silver While You Can

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the classic financial book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” advocated for physical assets like gold and silver and virtual currencies like bitcoin. He argued that a strong US currency could present a chance to purchase bitcoin, gold, or silver if the US Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates to combat inflation. …

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Aristotle's sound money

Characteristics of Sound Money According to Aristotle

You need some form of money to buy products and services or to settle financial obligations. Money serves three basic functions – it works as a means of commerce, a unit of account, and a store of value. Some people use it regularly, while others invest it in gold and silver investment companies for future …

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Investing in Rare Coins

Detailed Guide for Investing in Rare Coins

A Guide to Investing in Rare Coins Investment in rare coins is not an activity that can be quickly picked up and mastered. There is more to becoming a top-tier coin collector than simply having access to a wide network of contacts. You must approach gold IRA companies and custodians to get familiar with the basics …

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Close-Up of a Gold Coin

How to Select a Precious Metal Exchange to Avoid Online Fraud

Online fraud has become a growing occurrence in recent times, requiring buyers to be extra careful, especially when buying high-end items like precious metals. So if you sell or buy products to and from a precious metal exchange online and are wondering how to select a precious metal exchange to avoid online fraud, here is …

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Letter Board with Recession Written On It

Why America is headed towards Recession and What You Can Do about It

The pandemic, followed by the Ukraine-Russia war, had a detrimental influence on the global economy and raised global inflation. According to statistics, America is on the verge of a recession due to rising inflation and other factors. Recession can negatively impact the citizens of America by causing an increase in employment, reduced income, uncertainty, and …

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