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Coin Spotlight: The Gold American Eagle Coin

Coin Spotlight: The Gold American Eagle Coin

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The golden eagle is the iconic bird that symbolizes America, and it’s no wonder that one of the most prized coins in the country should bear the same name. Consider this: the value of an ounce of gold at the moment is $13406, whereas the value of one Gold American Eagle coin is $1452!

A Gold American Eagle coin holds 31.104 grams of pure gold, and can be relied on as a safe investment for your money in the long-run. Currency fluctuations and paper money deprecations won’t affect the worth and value of a Gold American Eagle coin. Eventually, after years of investment, you’ll have money on your hands that’s in line with inflation rates, and will you have made considerable profits in the near future.

The Basics

One of the United State’s official bullion coins, the American Gold Eagle was authorized in 1985, courtesy of the Gold Bullion Coin Act. The first-ever American Gold Eagle was released a year later in 1986 by the U.S. Mint.

The Coin

The coin, of course, shines in its golden brilliance. It has the Statue of Liberty holding a twig surrounded by stars. These symbols speak volumes and stand for American ideals. The man behind this design—called Liberty—was Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who was a shining figure behind the American Renaissance ideals. He was also behind the many Civil War monuments, such as the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial. The other design—called Eagle—depicts a majestic eagle soaring above an eagle’s nest with a twig in its claws. Eagle was designed in 1986 by Miley Busiek.

Interesting Facts

It isn’t called the “American” Gold Eagle for nothing. It’s required by law that the gold for American Gold Eagle coins must be sourced locally from America. It’s usually alloyed with copper or silver, which produces a coin more resilient to wear and tear. It’s also interesting to note that specie coins such as this one are actually mandated for paying off national debts.

Looking for the Gold American Eagle?

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