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Millennials and Gen-Zs are savvy with plastic money and online transfers but Boomers aren’t there yet. They’re not native to an ever-evolving digital world that keeps inventing modern ways of handling money. This is why they go by their traditional ways and rely on money that was common in their time.

Since gold and silver are also the oldest forms of currency, the older generation doesn’t have trouble trusting them.

These precious metals offer excellent ways of investment and saving that act as a store of wealth. This option is viable for individuals who want to secure their lifetime savings for their children or invest their retirement funds into something lucrative.

If you’re interested to know about a system that was centered on gold and silver money, read more.

History of Barter Systems

Turn to the Greeks to find out about how barter economies worked. They have first-hand experience in understanding the importance of barter trade in times of economic chaos.

It was the collapse of the existing financial system in Greece that led to the development of a barter economy to control financial uncertainty.

The premise of this system lay on the fact that a standard currency (of precious metals) made it easier to conduct transactions.

It’s practically inconvenient to always have a commodity equivalent of goods that you need to buy. They were not only an endorsed medium of exchange but also resolved the problem of divisibility. Since each bar was stamped with its weight and purity, it could be divided into smaller fractions.

How Metal Currency Hampered Business

Using gold and silver currency enabled people to conduct business more readily than by exchanging commodities. But it became a problem when people wanted to avail basic services like paying a mechanic or a farmer.

This was hampering business in daily transactions and disabling person-to-person money transfers. This is why the US Mint freed the economy from all forms of metal currency, be it coins or bars.

But it was impossible to completely eradicate the use of precious metals in the financial markets. This is because gold and silver hedge against inflation and depreciation.

In this way, savers were turning to storing their wealth in gold and silver because it preserves its value over time. Economists needed a way to retain precious metal in the economy exclusively as a form of investment or savings.

Gold and Silver Investments

Since precious metals are effective solutions for investment plans, individuals are not turning to them as a form of saving. They can be stored in retirement accounts or safe vaults.

They not only offer better financial returns in the long run but also diversify your investment portfolio.

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