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Why Is Gold Used To Make Jewelry

Why Is Gold Used To Make Jewelry

In 2021, the gold market in the United States for jewelry and watches was valued at 69 billion USD. This overwhelming statistic indicates the value assigned to gold for making decorative items. A more interesting question is why gold is a popular choice for making jewelry? Does it have sufficient qualities, or is it just due to the historic value society has associated with the metal?

While it is true that age-old societal norms majorly impact the way we perceive gold today, gold has certain characteristics that make it stand out. The beautiful texture and sheen of the metal make it a smart choice for aesthetics. Here’s a breakdown of the reasons why gold is used to make jewelry.

1. Chemical Properties

Gold is considered a “noble metal” due to its chemical inertness. It is highly unreactive and does not corrode like iron. It also has a high thermal conductivity, so if you wear it, its temperature will quickly adjust to your body temperature.

Gold is highly ductile and malleable. This means it can be stretched or made into any shape, a desirable quality for making intricate designs. Apart from this, it has a unique, distinctive color compared to other metals. The shine and luster go a long way in gaining quick attention.

2. Alloys

You may have often heard about 24 karat gold being talked about in awe. That is because 24 karat gold is pure gold. Lesser karat gold is an alloy mixture. Pure gold cannot stand high stress; therefore, it is alloyed with several metals like copper, silver, iron, etc., to make versions of the metal, like rose gold, white gold, blue gold, etc.

Gold jewelry on a black surface.

3. Gold Value

Gold has been associated with royalty and wealth for a long time. It has survived all notions of monetary value connected with its possession. Investing in precious metals, like gold, for any future politico-economic instability has been a smart decision. Thus, owning gold as jewelry for financial well-being matches the vibe and perception linked to the metal.

Gold also works well as jewelry because it is hypoallergenic. Due to its chemical non-reactivity, it does not interact with the skin to cause any allergic reaction or irritation.

There are many benefits of investing in precious metals like gold. If you’re fond of the aesthetic of gold jewelry, check out our team of best gold investment dealer. You’ll find an effective guide to buying gold through our team that is committed to providing excellent services. Contact us now for your precious metal purchase.

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